Monday, September 9, 2013

The Starting Off Project | Foundation


It's Monday and, as you know, that means the next installment in The Starting Off Project. If you missed last week's post, it was all about concealer. Today, we're talking about the wonderful miracle base, foundation! Powder, liquid, cream, sticks, you name it. We'll be covering what it is, how to apply it, which ones might work best for you, and which brands I'm currently loving. Are you ready? Let's get cracking!

In order to properly know how to use something, you need to know what it is and what it does. Foundation is the very base of your makeup routine. After a proper skincare regimen and a touch of primer, foundation is what helps to create the perfect canvas for you to apply your look. What look you are going for and what your skin needs will help determine what kind of coverage you should use. If you want a natural look, a lighter coverage might be best. Need your makeup to be flawless for a night out at the club? Heavier coverage might be the right choice!


After you've determined the coverage you're seeking, the next thing you need to do is figure out which formula works best for your skin. If you have dry skin, I'd recommend staying away from powder foundations as they can spotlight dry patches. If you have oilier skin, you might want to skip liquid foundations. If you don't stay on top of the oil, you could end up with streaky makeup by the middle of the day.

Personally, I'm a fan of cream foundations. I love their smooth texture, their heavier coverage, and the way that most of them give a fantastic doll-like finish to the face. Plus, I find them to be a great middle ground between liquids and powders, and they work well on most skin types. My personal fave is CoverGirl CG Smoothers Aquasmooth Foundation, $8.99!

The next step is to find your shade. We've all heard the horror stories of pale ladies who prance around wearing foundation that is way too dark, given away by that telltale line from wearing the wrong shade. On the flip side, for our beautiful women of color, make sure you get a foundation dark enough to match your skin, as wearing a lighter shade can wash you out and make you look sickly, and no one wants to look washed out! The rule of thumb is to match your foundation to your neck, not your face, for the best results.

Now that you've picked out the perfect product, you're all ready to give it a go, do you apply this thing?! Well, you've got a few options! First, you have sponges. Sponges make for easy application. However, sponges also soak up loads of the product so you don't actually get to make use of all of it. In a pinch I'll use a sponge, but I usually avoid them.

Second, you have brushes. Brushes are known for blending better, giving you more even coverage, and being less streaky in application. I find it takes longer to apply foundation if you use a brush, as you have to sort of go over areas multiple times with dabs of makeup. Not a fan personally, but loads of beauty lovers really like using brushes.

Lastly, you have my favorite applicator, the fingers! Obviously, this only works if you've got liquid foundation, but I find this to be the superior applicator. It doesn't suck up loads of product, you can apply swiftly and completely, and you can blend well. The best part? It's free! No need to buy anything, just let your digits work their magic. I just get a bit of product on the tips of my fingers, and then I apply it to my face the same way I do my moisturizer. Simple! My favorite liquid to apply at the moment is the L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation, $15.79!

You've determined your coverage, you've figured out which formula to use, you've found your shade, and you've decided how to apply it. Now what? Have fun wearing your new product, of course! Experiment with loads of brands and start the hunt for your Holy Grail foundation. You're on your way now!

So far we've learned about skincare, concealer, and now, foundation. Tune in next week as we explore the tanned world of bronzers. Get ready for a dose of healthy, glowy beauty!



  1. really enjoying this series xxx

  2. You know how much I adore your blogs- but this has to be up there with one of the best! I love so much- especially that you have made the steps on choosing the right foundation and applying it so detailed, yet so easy to read and follow! It's brill! I also love your bit about your favourite applicator is your fingers! Mine too! Hehe! Great blog post! Going to retweet it on twitter! xx
    Check out mine-

  3. This is such a great idea! I really am enjoying your posts!

    This will definitely help my makeup routine!

    Jade /

  4. Beautiful photo! I agree - use my fingers almost every time.

    Rebecca x

  5. I used to use cream foundations but took a break to liquid foundations, but after reading this, I want to give it another go :)



  6. Great tips and information Megan! Love all of your posts!!! :)

  7. Love the variety of your foundations!

  8. I recently bought the whipped creme foundation from maxfactor which is like a mousse but I've always found liquid easier to apply. After around 5 years of wearing the stuff i've still yet to find my perfect foundation. This post makes me want to go out hunting again aha
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

  9. I'm using the Rimmel Match Pefection Foundation for quite a while now and it's my favourite!
    But I'm looking forward to try some new foundations surely one from your list! Have a nice day! xx
    Catheirne | Vanilla.Fashion. Thoughts.

  10. I love this post! I really enjoy using brushes but... It does take a while sometimes. I was too busy to do this week's post, but I'm getting a move on next week's ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    don't forget to enter my Real Techniques giveaway here

  11. I was wondering what your thoughts are between the L'oreal Lumi and Cover Girl Aquasmooth. I just picked up both in Ivory. I have dry 'mature' skin and was wondering how they compared for performance and how they look throughout the day. Thanks

    1. Hi, Lisa! When it comes to the L'Oreal Lumi vs. Cover Girl's Aquasmooth, I'm a huge fan of the Aquasmooth!

      For dry, mature skin the Aquasmooth might prove a bit harsh if you aren't well exfoliated and moisturized! It's a higher coverage foundation that wears a bit heavy, but it stays all day with a bit of translucent powder! If you're looking for a longer wear product, Aquasmooth might be one to give a go!

      The L'Oreal Lumi is light coverage and is a bit more moisturizing! You'll still want to exfoliate and moisturize, but it doesn't settle in fine lines very much! The wear doesn't last as long, but can be fixed with a decent primer and dusting of powder!

      I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! xx


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