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Wantable | September 2013 - Review

Wantable, $36.00/month

DISCLAIMER: This post contains products sent to me for free by a brand or PR company in exchange for a review. However, all words and opinions are firmly my own, as always.

These days there are so many subscription boxes out there. You have ones for makeup, jewelry, clothes, food, even baby supplies! How is a girl to choose? So when Wantable contacted me about trying out one of their boxes for free, I jumped at the chance to see if this one stood out from the crowd.

The big selling point for Wantable is that each month their makeup boxes contain four to five full-sized products with a box value totaling over $80. None of those mini and deluxe size samples! You get real, full sized versions of fantastic luxury items. Part of my peeve with subscription boxes has been the fact that you essentially pay for samples you could get for free at Sephora, so when I read about Wantable's boxes, I knew I was in for a treat!


The first thing you do upon signing up to Wantable is take an extensive quiz to help match you to the correct products. You get to give your opinions on types of products, colors, and even the wear of a product (matte, shimmer, glitter, etc.). You let them know what you love, like and hate, and they customize your box especially for you. You mostly get the things you love, occasionally the things you like, and NEVER the ones you hate.

I was impressed with how quickly my box arrived. And while it is on the way to you, they send you a link to track it. When it's delivered, you receive an email letting you know it has been delivered. I was out when I got my email, and it made me super excited to get home to open up my new box! These little customer service type things always score big points with me.



At first, you may look at the box and wonder why it isn't as glitzy and glamorous as Birchbox or Glossybox. The reason behind this is that Wantable doesn't want you to pay extra for flashy packaging. They want your money to go into getting these amazing full-sized products! But don't be fooled. The box is sturdy, and they keep the products safe with heavy duty foam. Rest assured, they aren't skimping out on you.

My September 2013 Wantable box included four full-sized products and a small sample. I was a bit thrown off by the fact that there was a sample, but considering I received four full-sized products, I just looked at it as a bonus instead of a substitution. My box included a Be a Bombshell blush in Sweet Cheeks, a Manna Kadar lengthening mascara in Black, a 29 Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick in Expressive Rose, and a Lise Watier Eyeshadow Quartet in Tartantastique.



I was absolutely blown away! I love blushes, mascaras, lipsticks and eyeshadows, and I think those are the products I buy more than anything else. I'm also really into pinks, bright colors, shimmers, and glam lashes. My expectations were met and more. The products are substantial, well matched, of good quality, and I was able to experience new brands I'd never tried. Total win! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite as I love every single thing in the box.

A monthly subscription to Wantable is $36, or you can buy single months whenever you like for $40. This is steeper than other subscription boxes, but considering the fact that you get full-sized products, I'd say the price is justified. The four products in my box came to a grand total of $96, so the subscription price constitutes a HUGE savings. And y'all know I love a good bargain!

Want to skip a month? You can do that. Don't like what's in your box? You can send it back for a full refund. Need to make room in your budget? You can cancel whenever you like. Knowing these things makes me feel like I can trust Wantable to have my best interests at heart. I'm a person, not just a number!


If you aren't into beauty, that's okay! They also have an accessories box with boutique jewelry, and a new intimates box that is open for sign up. Wantable also does limited edition boxes. Currently, they've got a Halloween box available with nine products from Cinema Secrets to help you achieve a fantastic look for our fave spooky holiday.

And want to know the best part? It's not just a US box anymore! Wantable is now shipping to Canada and Australia. The shipping costs are also ridiculously low. I've seen the costs that some places want to charge for international shipping, and Wantable's shipping is beans in comparison. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll open shipping to the UK eventually, too, for all of you lovelies over there.

This is definitely a box that I'll be subscribing to! And I'm hoping in the future I can subscribe to the other two boxes, as well, so I can give you info on what those are like. Would love to see a fourth box with a mix of the other three for those of us who want it all. New idea, Wantable? Be on the lookout for my full product reviews coming soon.

Do you have a subscription to Wantable? Does Wantable sound like something you'd be interested in? What do you think of the products and price?

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  1. Such an amazing box, you got some great things! That lipstick is gorg! I got two Lise Watier products in mine and LOVED them both, great quality.

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. Love the idea of getting full products instead of samples! I'd love the try them out some time! Seems a little out of my budget right now. Your products look so pretty! xx

  3. Our boxes are so different! Mine is great, but I'm rather jealous of your eyeshadow!

  4. Our boxes are so different! Mine is great, but I'm rather jealous of your eyeshadow!

  5. This is amazing! especially as they give you full sized products, that is something the other brands are definitely missing! I hope they bring this to the UK shortly! Kirsty

    Rockit Style

  6. I'd neevr heard of this box before but it looks absolutely amazing! Wish we had something like this in England!


  7. I've never heard of this before, sounds so good! Hopefully they will bring it to the uk in the future!

  8. Oh my gosh this is amazing! It's such a shame they don't ship to Ireland, what a bargain :-)


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