Friday, October 25, 2013

Fast and Easy Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block


So, today I was desperately searching for what to write about. Nothing sounded good. I thought of all the products I've used recently, and nothing came to mind as being ready for review. I started getting nervous. It's Friday! I post every Friday! What am I going to do? What am I going to write about? I had the dreaded Writer's Block.

Have you been there? That point where, even though you might have loads to write about, you're just absolutely blocked? Nothing sounds right. No topic stands out. You're getting worried about not having a post prepared. Maybe even multiple posts! Your heart starts to beat fast, your leg starts to jiggle under your desk, you're looking around wildly at every last thing you own! I know that's how I get.

Then it hit me! Why not write about Writer's Block? Why not give you some of my tried and true tips to help you ride the wave and come out on the other side buzzing full of creative energy. Ready to break through the block? Let's go!

1. Topic Lists! A great way to get through Writer's Block actually starts long before the block hits you. When you're already full of ideas, a great thing to do is to write them down somewhere that you'll be able to access later. Don't write them on throwaway scraps, though! Have a dedicated blogging notebook or a document on your computer full of these ideas so that when the block creeps up, you have a creative hammer to break it down.

2. Magazines! A lot of bloggers say that since they started reading blogs, they've stopped picking up magazines. However, if you're stopped up for ideas, go and grab a couple of your favorite magazines to take a look at what they're gabbing about. You might stumble across a new product, look, or idea while you're having a browse. Plus, there is something soothing about turning pages that can help you get focused.

3. Tags! Can't think of what to write about? Try a tag! There are tons of them, and all you need is a quick Google search to start pulling them up. Find one that sounds good and go for it! Don't wait to be tagged. Just start it up! Trust me when I say no one is going to fault you for not being tagged first before doing it.

4. Your Fave Media! A great place to grab ideas are things you already love. Your favorite books, movies, tv shows and music already inspire your daily life, so why not let them inspire your posts. Recreate a character's outfit. Create a makeup tutorial inspired by your favorite song. There is so much to pull from, so take a look at your favorites in a whole new way!

5. Go Outside! Get in your car and take a drive. Walk around your neighborhood. Check out the closest museum, or go to the nearest attraction. Sometimes going out into the world and doing something new can help to fire up those creative juices. Take your camera and a small notebook and document everything you notice with your five senses. Something is bound to pique your interest!

6. Just Write! Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it! If you can't think about what to write, just start writing about anything. Put pen to paper, or get to clicking those keys and see what comes out. You just might surprise yourself and find that you had ideas in you all along!

These are just a few tips for getting past the stubborn, ol' block! I've tried all of these at some time or another, not just with the blog, but with all writing, and I've found that they work like a charm every time. In the end, don't get too stressed about it! The block always clears, and if you need a couple of days to regroup, take it. Your readers will understand and your blog will be all the better for it.

In the future, I plan on putting up posts about emergency ideas for when Writer's Block grabs hold and won't let go! There will be posts for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, so be sure to give the blog a follow to be updated as to when they go live.

How do you get over Writer's Block? What are your tried and true tips?


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