Monday, October 21, 2013

The Starting Off Project | Lipstick


Hello, beauties! Can you believe that we're in the ninth week of The Starting Off Project? Only one week left to go before we're all done. But before we get all misty-eyed over the end of one of the best blogger projects ever, we've got another beauty product to tackle. Today we're talking fun, fabulous lipstick!

On the off chance you've been living under a complete rock, lipstick is this wonderful little product that adds tint and dimension to our lips, and can center a look all on it's own. I imagine that lipstick is the gateway product for most makeup lovers, and it is the easiest product to master. All it takes is a good eye and a steady hand!

Typically, lipsticks come in their trademark tube, but chubby sticks are becoming very popular, as well. Red has historically been the most popular color, but you can find practically any color under the sun if you look hard enough. No color is considered too unusual! In the past I've had everything from black to blue to green. There is also an assortment of liquid lipsticks to choose from which are pigments that dry down on the lips for superior long wear and opacity.

When it comes to finishes your main types are matte, satin/creme, frost, and sheer, though there are all sorts of hybrid finishes out there. Mattes are highly pigmented, but low on moisture, so those with dry lips should steer clear. Satin/Creme is another highly pigmented finish, but provides better moisture and applies easier. Most basic lippies are of the satin/creme variety.

Frosts are exactly like they sound. They give a shimmery, "frosted" look to the wearer. Think those crazy '80s bubblegum pinks! Lastly, we have sheers. Once again, these are just what they say on the tin. Sheer lipsticks provide light, sheer coverage that looks more like a tinted balm or lip stain versus full coverage mattes and satins/cremes.


Applying lipstick is as easy as popping open the tube and twisting the lipstick up! Relax your mouth, and with a steady hand swipe the lipstick over the top and bottom lips, taking care to stay within your natural lip line. Easy peasy! If you want to be more precise or need to even out your lip shape, you can take a lip brush and apply your lipstick that way for ultimate control.

Here are a couple of tips to remember when applying lipstick. First, when you're done applying, stick your pointer finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, and then slowly pull it out. This helps to remove lipstick that's gotten inside your lips so you won't get any on your teeth. Second, for extra staying power, instead of blotting your lips with a tissue like normal, place the tissue over your lips, and then gently brush a dusting of translucent powder across the tissue. This will help set your lipstick and give a solid base for a second coat.

When it comes to lipsticks, every woman needs a few basic shades. A good red is an absolute must! Two foolproof reds are Russian Red and Ruby Woo, $15.00, from MAC. These are universal shades that any woman can wear. Another basic is a pink shade. My favorites include Candy Yum Yum and Bombshell, $15.00, also from MAC. Lastly, every woman needs a fab berry color. I always recommend Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $15.00.

So now that you know the ins and outs of lipstick, get to experimenting! Find your favorite shades and finishes, and above all, have fun!

What are your favorite lipsticks? Which colors do you like wearing most?



  1. You have some great shades of pink there!
    Love the tip about using power! Great idea.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to try out covergirl!


  3. I have never tried a MAC lipstick, I really must :-) Nice post xx

  4. I always go for bright lipsticks, but don't tend to wear them much.. I prefer eyeshadows and experimenting with my eyes. I'm trying to make myself wear them more tho! Love your choices there, especially the look of the Revlon ones:) Hope you're good lovely xx

  5. What a lovely collection you have. Really want to try that shade you have in the revlon. Great informative post xxx

  6. Hello I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I love your blog so much!

  7. A very lovely detailed post! Would totally love to try some of these!
    Awesome tips! :)


  8. Wow look at all of those lip products! I think I will bite the bullet and purchase a red lip stick at some point this month or next. I really want one. Although I may look like a clown with it on xxx


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