Friday, November 29, 2013

Emergency Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers


Hello, beauties! A few weeks ago I posted up some fast and easy tips for overcoming writer's block. At the end of that post, I promised I'd write up some emergency post ideas for when writer's block takes hold and just won't let go. Well, beauty bloggers, y'all are up first, so let's get started.  Here are nine emergency blog post ideas for beauty bloggers!

1. Tags! I'm putting this one first because tags are honestly the easiest way to create fresh new content on your blog. There are loads of different tags out there, and a quick search on Google or YouTube can help you find ones that interest you on days where the ideas just aren't coming. Plus, it helps you interact with the blogging world by tagging fellow bloggers. And, trust me, no one will care that you hadn't been tagged first A few tags to get you started are The Lipstick Tag, The Autumn Tag, The One and Only Tag, and The Skincare Tag. Give those a look!

2. Re-create a look! If you're especially good with makeup, why not try your hand at re-creating a look from a celebrity or magazine photo shoot? I frequently find myself tearing looks out of magazines that I want to try my hand at. So grab your favorite magazines, or do a web search for a celebrity whose look you admire, and show your readers how to get that same look!

3. Teach a new routine! Readers love to be taught new tips and tricks. The average reader wants to learn new things when they read posts. What are you good at? Are you good at nail care basics? Do you have a tried and true routine for keeping your long locks in fantastic shape? How about your own special way of making tweezing pain-free (and if you can do this, let me know!)? Share your strengths with your readers and help make their lives better and more fabulous!

4. The look for less! Have a knack for finding similar products for less? Share it! People love a good bargain, and are always on the hunt for the best way to spend their money. Know of cheaper dupes for MAC lipsticks? Share it! Know where to get less expensive argan oil? Show us! Know which drug store nail polishes are amazing? Give it to us straight! Your readers, and their wallets, will thank you for it.

5. Wish lists! Everyone has things that they wish they could buy, so why not show readers what it is that you're lusting after. Want to add a bit more flair to your wish lists? Make themed lists! Maybe it's a Colors of Autumn wish list, or the Best Summer Nail Polishes. Use your creativity to make your lists that much more interesting. Polyvore is a great way to make a wish board, so get started!

6. FOTD and NOTD! These two basic beauty posts should be in every beauty blogger's repetoire. Not only are they quick and fun to do, but they give your readers a sense of who you are stylistically. Plus, if you're really strapped for time or ideas, it's easy to snap a few shots of today's beauty routine or the fab nail art you've created. Make sure to list what products you use in case someone wants to re-create the look.

7. Create a look based on a book, movie, song, etc.! Calling all creatives! This is for you! We've all got favorite things like books, movies, television shows, and music, so why not create a look based on something you love? Maybe you want to do a look fit for Hermione Granger. Or maybe you've got a favorite metal song that's inspiring you to create a hard rock concert worthy look. Your world is already full of inspiration, so pull from that! Highlight other things you love through a beauty lens.

8. Street interviews! Are you the type of person who isn't shy and can always make conversation with new people? Then this idea is for you! If you see a woman walking down the street with amazing makeup, stop her (politely y'all!) and see if she'd be down for talking to you briefly about her look. See someone whose curls are out of this world? Find out how they take care of them! Maybe someone has fantastic nail art. Figure out how they did it! If you're really brave, see if they'll let you take a photo to share with your readers. Don't forget to give your interviewee your blog's address so they can see the write-up afterward!

9. Reviews! I'll end with a standard. Reviews are the life's blood of a beauty blog. Readers follow you because they trust your opinions and tastes, so if you're really strapped for ideas, use the standard fall back! Anything you've been using lately can be reviewed. Your trusty lip balm, your everyday blush, your favorite party lipstick. Regardless of what some bloggers think, you don't have to only photo unused products, so don't let a little use stop you. Don't forget some wear photos or a swatch!

So, there you have it! There are so many different things you can do on a beauty blog. When you're really feeling the effects of writer's block, sit down and try to look at the world around you through the lens of beauty and see what ideas you can come up with. And if all else fails, you now have nine emergency ideas that you can pull out to see you through!

What are your tried and true post ideas? Has this list helped you kick the dreaded writer's block to the curb?


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