Monday, November 25, 2013

LUSH Cosmetics Soap | Porridge - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Soap | Porridge, $6.95
With autumn weather here to stay, many of us are turning our thoughts towards caring for our skin during the cooler months. Eager to keep dry skin at bay, we start to revamp our skin and body care routines right down to the soaps we use when bathing.  Every step is calculated to help us retain the most moisture, keeping our skin soft and supple against the elements. Today, we'll be taking a look at one soap that is a must in your cold weather skincare arsenal!

LUSH Cosmetics' Porridge soap is a delectably exfoliating and moisturizing soap made from whole oats and, surprisingly, orange juice. It's not really porridge so much as it's oatmeal, but we'll give it a pass. The scent is mild, yet breakfast sweet, with hints of caramel that will have your mouth watering. It's the perfect soap for those glorious autumn mornings! Porridge lathers well with milky suds that keep your skin nourished, and the scrub factor from the oats gently exfoliates dead skin away.

I've been using Porridge since autumn began, and I've found it's really helped to keep my skin in shape with all the changes in the weather. Also, I'm a huge fan of sweet, nutty scents, and anything that smells like food is usually a win for me. I enjoy how subtle the scent is, and if you aren't one for products that leave their smell on you all day, you might really appreciate how mild Porridge smells on the skin.

The only negative I have pertains to the oats in the soap. While I love the scent and how the oats exfoliate the skin, as the soap wears down the oats start to fall out everywhere. I'm frequently finding oats in places I'd rather not, and they like to congregate in the grout between my shower tiles. It leaves me having to clean the shower every time I use it by trying to chase all the little oats down the drain!

Minus the one issue, I think that Porridge is probably one of LUSH's best soaps, and an absolute must have for any LUSH shopper. It's so gentle and truly leaves your skin feeling amazing. I'm definitely going to be repurchasing in the future with even larger blocks to keep my home stocked for these cold weather days coming up.

Have you tried LUSH's Porridge soap? What is your favorite soothing soap for autumn and winter?


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