Friday, November 22, 2013

What's in My Bag? | The H&M Crossbody


Hello, lovelies! I've been seeing What's in My Bag posts making the rounds on other blogs for awhile now, and I thought they looked like so much fun. I'm a nosy person, so I love seeing what everyone carries around with them each day. In the past, I've been the type of girl to carry around large bags. I always felt like I needed to have everything I owned with me at all times. A girl can never be too prepared!

Last year on my honeymoon, my husband and I took a small drawstring backpack with us to carry all our things while we were walking around Disney World. However, it was always such a pain to get something as small as a chapstick out of the bag. It made me wish I had a small crossbody bag to keep my little bits and bobs with me.

I spent so much time afterward trying to find the right crossbody. I didn't want it to have any funky clasps or open tops. I just wanted it to be small, chic and zip up so that nothing could spill out on accident. Flash forward to last summer. I was on a shopping trip to H&M and that's when I saw this little beauty. It's not designer and it isn't fancy, but I loved the ruched, faux leather feel and the gold chains on the strap. I'd finally found THE bag!

I still have a tendency to try and overpack it with things I feel I need, but here are the essentials that I carry with me on a daily basis.


1. Gold H&M Wallet - The day I bought this crossbody bag, this wallet was in one of those bins near the checkout counter. I didn't have a wallet small enough to fit in this bag, and at about $5, I figured this would be a great fit! It's the only wallet I use these days.

2. Keys - Everyone needs their keys with them, right? I absolutely adore my huge Phantom of the Opera keychain! It had been my mom's and she was tired of using it, so I swiped it. I've had it for years now, and I can't imagine my keys on any other keychain. It's big enough that I never lose my keys in the bottom of any of my bags.

3. Loyalty Cards / Gift Cards - I'm only showing four here, but I have so many loyalty cards and gift cards in my wallet. I carry the whole lot with me as I never know when I'll need them. Above I've got cards for the grocery store, bookstore, video games, and a local arcade (a girl has to get her game on sometimes!).

4. Chewing Gum - I'm obsessed with gum. Seriously! I have a huge candy bucket full of different flavors and brands, and I'm always grabbing new ones I see at the store. I keep mint gum on me at all times as it's great for when I've got a bit of a stomach ache or need to freshen my breath on the go.

5. Lip Balm - Lip balm is a must have for any person, any bag, any time! Right now I'm working through my EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Don't forget, if you want to win an EOS lip balm of your own in Sweet Mint plus seven other fab products, enter my giveaway! It ends next Friday, so get those entries in.

6. iPhone - I am a recent iPhone convert. My cell provider was offering the 4S for 99 cents, and with an old Android that was barely running anymore, I knew I couldn't pass up the deal! I love having a phone, iPod, game machine, mini computer, and tons of apps all in one little device. It makes it so much easier to carry this around versus all the little electronics I was toting before. Totally in love!

7. Lip Gloss - You'll frequently find a gloss or stick in my bag for on the go touch ups. Usually it's one I'm testing out for a review, which really helps me see how it handles. This gloss is from L'Oreal and will be up on the blog in the near future, so keep an eye out.

8. Anti-Bacterial Gel - I have the worst immune system, so keeping some anti-bac on me at all times is a must! I love how good a lot of them smell and how small they are for toting in your bag. This one is especially nice as it has a little pump top instead of being a squeeze bottle. Great for getting the perfect measured amount!

What do you keep in your bags? Do you have a crossbody that you keep stuffed to the brim like me?



  1. I have a cross body that looks like a little satchel that I've been using regularly now. My poor Betsey Johnson bags are crying about it now.

    1. Crossbody bags are so nice for everyday use. I'm so mad at myself for holding out on buying one for so long! And I'm super jels of your Betsey Johnson bags! I love her stuff! Glad the brand was revived, even if it is at Belk! xx

  2. Such A Cute Bag
    and Love The Phantom Of The Opera Key Chain

  3. I'm impressed with your ability to pack light. I use a small crossbody bag occasionally but my normal one is like the size of a duffel bag, lol.

  4. I absolutely love "what's in my bag" posts..
    I guess you could say I'm super nosey ;) xx

  5. That's a cute wallet!
    I have a tube of lip balm in my bag all the time. I can't live without lip balms!


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