Monday, December 23, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer - Review


Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer, $28.00
Is there anything more gorgeous than sun-kissed skin? A lovely subtle tan just screams youthful fun and makes us dream of days spent lounging lazily on a white sand beach with a fruity drink in our hand. However, with the right bronzer, a healthy glow isn't just reserved for the summer hols. We can recreate that warm honeymoon hue with the flick of a brush without ever having to leave home. Lately, I've been faking that tropical vacation look with a beauty blogger darling.

Hoola is one of Benefit Cosmetics' most popular products (and for good reason). It's a matte, mid-toned brown bronzer perfect for giving you that coveted summer holiday glow. It's also a fantastic choice for contouring as it has no glitter and doesn't have an orange lean. Great for most light to medium skintones, Hoola is one of those products that should be at the top of your makeup wishlist.

In my opinion, Hoola is a fantastically gorgeous bronzer. With just a few swipes, you really do get a "just back from the island' tan (and without the risk for skin cancer, natch)! With it's matte finish you can create totally natural looks, and contouring is a breeze. It's still a touch too dark for my super pale skin, even when it's well blended. It just looks a little fake. But once I have a touch of summer sun, I think it will look absolutely amazing!

Will I buy a full-size of Hoola? Possibly. My favorite bronzer of all time is Too Faced's Sun Bunny bronzer, and I have yet to find one that unseats it as my favorite. However, Hoola is great for everyday wear, whereas Sun Bunny is lovely for evening shimmer. Only time will tell whether or not Hoola will become a staple in my makeup bag! Until then, you should definitely give it a little lookie-loo next time you hit up the Benefit counter.

Have you tried Benefit's Hoola Bronzer? Do you use it more for bronzing or contouring? What is your all time favorite bronzer?



  1. I have a sample of Hoola!! I really like it, but not sure I would purchase it full size xx

  2. I haven't tried this before! Sounds great if it's a darkish bronzer cos I looove that haha! Been loving this advent calendar xx

  3. Awesome Post
    I Love the Hoola Bronzer
    It gives the Perfect coloring without being to Much


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