Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Rita Ora, Grammys 2014, Gold Dress, Lanvin, Look for Less

Hello, beauties! It may be cold and snowy here in North Carolina, but this past weekend at the Grammys the fashion was red hot! Rita Ora was a stunner in this gorgeous, metallic Lanvin dress, and as soon as I saw her in it, I knew I wanted to find a way to get this red carpet look for less. It is a perfect party look from the throes of winter to those scorching summer nights! Ora showed off her playful side by adding ginormous cocktail rings to each finger. Do I smell a new trend brewing?

Gold Sequin Midi Dress, Dorothy Perkins, $27
Jessica McClintock Glitter Embroidered Audiere, Kohls, $75
Gold Plate Single Sole Heel, Charlotte Russe, $30
Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Plated Crystal Flower Ring, The Outnet, $28.75 (on sale)
BCBGMAXAZRIA Crystallized Pave Cage Ring, Lord and Taylor, $22.80 (on sale)

Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? Then watch out for Rita Ora to play Christian Grey's younger sister, Mia, in the film adaptation coming out next year!


Saturday, January 18, 2014



Hello, dahlings! Hope you are all having fabulous weekends! If you remember, last week I posted a review of Maybelline's Dream Nude Airfoam foundation, and in it I described the icky reaction my skin had to it. It wasn't the first time I'd ever had a reaction from makeup. Once as a teenager, I had such an icky reaction to makeup that I had to be on prescription medication! And I'm certain it won't be the last time my skin chooses to rebel against a product I apply to it.

So, this all got me to thinking, have any of you ever had a reaction from makeup? Bumps, rashes, burning, itching, what happened and which product made you feel like you had gone from Beauty to the Beast? Have a little therapy, get it all out, and tell me your stories!

Stay gorgeous (and totally reaction free!), dollfaces!


Friday, January 17, 2014


Hi, beauties! If you're an avid blog reader, then you'll have no doubt come across the loads of empties posts that beauty bloggers write. I've been wanting to do an empties post for months, but I've just now filled up a box with empties to actually be able to do one! This time around I've got a handful of toiletries, skincare products, and candles. Yes, candles! Let's get to it!


- Sweet Spun Sugar from Target
I loved this candle and thought it smelled incredibly like cotton candy. I wasn't expecting a strong scent, but I definitely got more than I bargained for. This is a great candle for warmer months, and as it is a food scent it was totally love at first smell!
Repurchase? If Target still has them this summer, then yes!

- Red Velvet Cupcake from Target
This candle was just sort of okay. It did smell like red velvet cake, but I think I would have liked it better as a smaller candle. By the time I was through with it, I was sick of smelling cake. It was just almost too sweet. It probably could have done with just a hint of spice to keep it from being too sickly sweet.
Repurchase? Probably not.

- Bath and Body Works Espresso Bar
If you want a candle that smells exactly like a pot of brewing coffee, then this is your winner! I figured this candle would be strong, but I didn't realize it was going to be as strong as it was. I had it in my bedroom, and trust me, this turned out to not be a bedroom type candle. It would work much better in large, open spaces for the scent to diffuse a bit more.
Repurchase? Maybe. It could be great for odor control in places like the bathroom!

- Colonial Candle London (Poppy Field)
This candle was an absolute dream! Even empty, the scent lives on so strongly that you can smell the jar from a couple of feet away! It smells so gorgeous and has this lovely, warm, floral, summery scent. It's just so dreamy. If I could buy this in bulk, I would!
Repurchase? I would, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. Hopefully I'll be lucky and find some last bits of stock somewhere.


- Head and Shoulders Ocean Lift Shampoo
When I've got a bit of product built up in my hair, nothing gets my scalp as squeaky clean as Head and Shoulders shampoo. I've been so glad to see more "girly" scents added to the brand over the past few years, and Ocean Lift smells really lovely compared to the plain. Not quite a floral, but still sweet.
Repurchase? I've already got a new bottle in a different scent!

- Skinetica*
A few months back I had the opportunity to test this little baby out. I was fortunate enough to be sent a full-sized bottle and a travel-sized bottle. Needless to say, the travel-sized bottle got used up quickly! Now I'm working through my full-sized bottle as it has helped tone down acne from wearing makeup!
Repurchase? Once I'm through with the full-sized bottle, we'll see if my skin is still in good shape!

- Bodycology White Gardenia Body Cream
When they say this smells like gardenias, they aren't lying! This smells like a full on bouquet of flowers! The lotion is just so-so. It's thick, but it's a bit greasy which can make the skin feel oily even after the lotion is absorbed. I think it's probably better off as a hand cream.
Repurchase? No. I just wasn't a fan.

- Burt's Bees Extra Energizing Citrus and Ginger Root Body Wash
This was part of a bath and body set I received as a gift from family. I'm trying to get through little bottles and samples, so I used this on a whim. It was alright. The scent is herbal and slightly spicy which I like, but it dried out my skin a bit. Not really a fan of that.
Repurchase? No. It didn't thrill me.

So, those are my empties! Have you posted up any empties posts lately? What items are you running low on right now?

Stay gorgeous, cuties!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello, ladybugs! In need of a touch of depuffing or under-eye brightening? Then, today's product is one that might have you perfecting your best French accent! That's right! We're talking Benefit's little eye potion, Ooh La Lift!

Ooh La Lift, $22.00, is a liquid eye lift in a bottle. With light reflecting pigments, it brightens the skin around the eyes providing an instant age rewind. Ooh La Lift also contains raspberry extracts to help soothe and depuff tired peepers. Benefit even suggests storing your tube of Ooh La Lift in your refrigerator for an extra level of perkiness. How cool (pun most definitely intended)!

Ooh La Lift is one product I've actually tried several years back and am now trying again. To be honest, I'm not sure it works all that well for moderate to heavy dark circles. I have moderate dark circles from chronic insomnia, and with appropriate application, I only see about a ten to twenty percent brightening of those circles, which leaves my under eyes looking a bright grey at best. If you try to add more layers, it creases and gets a bit chalky. So honestly, I find this to be best for those with really light circles or for depuffing redness after a crying spell. I must say that using Ooh La Lift straight from the fridge is lovely! Soothes my eyes right up!

I think I'll give Ooh La Lift a pass when it comes time to buy, and will continue on the search for an under eye product that works better for the chronically sleepless. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear it!

Have you tried Ooh La Lift? What was your experience? What products are your eye saviors?

Stay gorgeous, chickies!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi, loves! Today I'm bringing you a peek into this month's Julep Maven box. January's theme was the boudoir (ooh la la), and features "fancy finishes and top-drawer products". I receive the It Girl box, and that means that each month I get three polishes and a small add-on. In my January box, I received the polishes Hope, Farrah, and Annemarie, and two mini nail buffers. Let's take a closer look at the pretty polishes!

Hope is a satin finish milky white. Essentially, it's a matte polish. For full, opaque coverage you'll need between two and three coats. I've been wanting a white polish for my collection for awhile, but I have to be honest I'm not a huge fan of this one. Matte finish polishes are cool, but this one just seems a bit soft even after drying. Not only does it stain easily, but it constantly gets little nicks in it. And it is a pain to remove without a super strong acetone remover. It gets incredibly gummy, so just be forewarned.

Farrah is a silk finish shimmery, light grey-purple. It's a demi-matte, so it's not quite as soft when dry as Hope was. For full, opaque coverage, once again you'll need two to three coats. This polish reminds me a bit of old Hollywood glam. It's such a lovely, grown up purple that's perfect for spring. The shimmer gives it an extra zing that takes the polish to the next level.

Annemarie is a gorgeous warm, cocoa creme. This is my absolute favorite of the three. To be honest, when I first saw it I wasn't impressed. When I go for brown polishes, I usually go for deep, dark chocolate tones. But as soon as I applied this, I was in love. It only takes two coats to achieve full opacity, and it is just so beautiful and glossy. This one also has an old Hollywood, grown-up feel, and while it is beautiful for autumn, I can see myself wearing it year round!

Like what you see and want to subscribe to Julep Maven? How about getting your first box free? Julep Maven is $19.99 a month and considering one Julep polish retails at around $16 or so, you essentially get two free! You can also skip a month (which is what I do when I'm not thrilled with that month's choices) or cancel at any time. And if you want to get your first box free, use the code FREEBOX during sign up!

Are you a Julep Maven? What did you get in this month's box?

Stay gorgeous, babes!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Emma Watson's Moto Chic

The always chic Emma Watson was recently seen sporting this moto inspired look as she arrived at LAX for the Golden Globes. She proved that airplane attire can be both comfy and stylish! I don't know about y'all, but I'm absolutely drooling over that leather jacket. I'll take it in faux, please! Want to spice up the look even more? Go for a shirt with a graphic print instead of a plain white tee. Such a simple way to take this outfit to the next level and show off your personality!

Black Leather-Look Zip Pocket Biker Jacket, New Look, £39.99
White Tres un Vogue Madame T-Shirt, River Island, $32.00
Body-Con Jacquard Mini Skirt, Charlotte Russe, $15.00
Candie's Booties, Kohl's, $55.97 (on sale)

Don't forget, you can catch Emma Watson this spring with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' co-star Logan Lerman, in Darren Aronofsky's epic, 'Noah' (trailer), out March 28th!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Benefit Cosmetics, Girl Meets Pearl, Luminizer

Hello, darlings! If you've been following the blog since before the revamp, you'll know that during December I blogged through Benefit's Countdown to Love Advent Calendar. You'll also know that around day 18 I didn't continue as holiday preparations got in the way of my blogging. However, I don't want to totally skip over those products, so today I thought I'd bring you a review of one of the final products in the calendar, the deliciously gorgeous Girl Meets Pearl! Let's take a look!

Girl Meets Pearl, $30.00, is touted by Benefit as "liquid pearl for your face". Another in their long line of luminizers, Girl Meets Pearl gives a lovely rose gold pearl shimmer to any face. It gives a sheer, natural radiance to the dullest of complexions, much like being lit from within! Just apply a pea sized amount of Girl Meets Pearl to the fingertips, and then gently pat it onto places that need a pick me up, like cheeks, forehead, and nose, blending as you go! Shine on, girl!

Girl Meets Pearl is a really gorgeous product. Benefit sure loves their luminizers and highlighters don't they? I dabbed mine on top of my regular face of makeup, and while it looked nice, it looks far better on bare skin. So if you have clear, even skin, this would look fabulous on you! It's perfect for a natural look with some zing! If you are like me and suffer from chronic redness, you won't quite get the flawless effect from Girl Meets Pearl.

If my skin tone was more even, I could see myself buying Girl Meets Pearl for natural day looks. So if you are looking for something to give your natural features a bit of a wow factor, then give Girl Meets Pearl a look. Plus, with rose gold being really on trend right now, it would look fantastic paired with Urban Decay's new Naked 3 palette! You can go wrong there! Rose gold is gorgeous on every skin tone!

Have you tried Girl Meets Pearl? What is your favorite of Benefit's line of luminizers and highlighters?

Stay gorgeous, cutie pies!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Charming Chat, Southern Charmed Blog

Hello, darlings! It's been a couple of weeks since Christmas, but the blogosphere is still swirling with posts about the holidays, presents, and round ups! Christmas is a lovely time of year, so it's not hard to see why we're not all quite ready to let it go. I have plenty of neighbors who still have their Christmas lights up, so I know it isn't just bloggers missing that holiday spirit!

All of this gave me an idea for today's Charming Chat! It made me wonder what everyone's favorite gift from this Christmas was. For me, the clear winner was David Tennant's autograph on a Richard II playbill from my lovely friend, Daphne of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life! My husband has even chatted her up teasing her for upstaging him this Christmas as it was an amazingly perfect gift.

Now, I want to hear from y'all! What was that one gift this Christmas that really knocked it out of the park? Big or small, sentimental or not, which one was the clear holiday winner?

Stay gorgeous, babes!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Emergency Post Ideas, Fashion Bloggers, Writer's Block

Hello, dolls! In the past, I've covered tips for getting through writer's block, and I've also written up posts on emergency ideas for beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Now fashion bloggers, here is one for you! If you're having writer's block and are at a loss for what to blog about, here are ten emergency post ideas to get you jump started, and back to blogging NOW!

1. Wish Lists! Wish lists are such a quick and easy way to get back to posting because it requires nothing more than you divulging the things you're lusting over at the moment. Pop over to Polyvore and put together a collage of all those pieces you are dying to have in your wardrobe, grab the code, and post it up! Super simple and loved by readers!

2. Recreate a Look from a Character! Pick out a character from a TV show, movie, book or even a play, and recreate one of their looks from head to toe. One of my favorite examples from recent memory is Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog recreating one of Cher's looks from Clueless! Want to challenge yourself? Create a look inspired by the character without imitating one that's readily available (i.e. create a look that screams Blair from Gossip Girl, but not one pulled directly from the show).

3. Update a Classic Style! Part of fashion is taking classic pieces and updating them with current trends. So why not show your readers how? Show them how to bring 70s bell bottoms up to date, or how to make a 20s flapper dress look totally now! Who knows. You might set a trend of your own!

4. The Look for Less! Everyone loves drooling over the latest runway looks, but most of us don't have the budget to buy out the line. Instead, we're working on strict budgets and want the best deals. Use your fashion magic to show your readers where to get budget friendly dupes for the hottest pieces. Trust me, they'll thank you!

5. OOTD! An 'Outfit of the Day' post is a standard. Can't think of what to blog about? Show off what you're wearing! Easy and doesn't take too much thought or setup. Just grab your camera, snap some shots, and give us the skinny on your personal style! Not only does it show others how to piece together an outfit, it let's the reader get to know you a little better, too!

6. Color Edit! Every season there is some hot new color that just begs to be incorporated into our wardrobe! Use your fashion guru skills to feature items in the must-have color. Create a collage showing different ways to wear the latest hue. If you want to kick it up a notch, pick a pattern or print to show off instead!

7. Teach Readers Something New! You're an encyclopedia of fashion knowledge, styling tips, color pairings, and more. Share some of that knowledge with your followers! Explain the color wheel, demonstrate all the different ways to tie a tie or knot a scarf, show them how to spot fake designer bags. Whatever it is you know, pass it on. Speaking of teaching...

8. DIY! Are you skilled at creating your own fashions from scratch? Do you make your own jewelry, clothing, or other accessories? If so, why not write up a tutorial for your readers? Give your crafty followers a new project to do that helps them begin to create their own personal style! Everyone loves things that are one of a kind, right?

9. Celeb Style Files! Have a celeb whose style you lust after? Your readers probably do, too! Create a style file that really shows off why you would love that celeb's closet and share it. It might just inspire you and your readers to find new pieces to add to your own collections!

10. Brand Introductions! Most people have heard of brands like Chanel and Dior, but what about your favorite smaller fashion houses? Why not create a primer for your readers and introduce them to all of those brands you think should be in their fashion file! Give some background, create a collage filled with your favorite pieces, whatever you think showcases these brands best!

And there you have it! Ten fab ideas to get you writing and your block crushed! Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments. If this list has helped you, let me know!

Stay gorgeous, fashionistas!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


RainShadow Labs RainShadow Labs, ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum
*Sample provided free for review. All words and opinions are my own. Please review my disclaimer for further details.

Hello, sweeties! I don't know about y'all, but I've noticed over the past year how hyaluronic acid is becoming the hottest ingredient in skincare. With it being added to everything from moisturizer to lip balm, I've been taking notice. So when RainShadow Labs contacted me about trialing their ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum, I jumped at the chance to put this baby to the test!

ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $3.95 for 2oz, is an all-natural formula meant to help hydrate and lock in moisture. Claiming to be able to pull moisture from the air and boost collagen production, this serum can help refresh, brighten and firm skin. Hyaluronic acid is in many of today's beauty and skincare products, and it is touted as a fantastic skin savior! Instead of shelling out for products with this ingredient in it, RainShadow Labs gives you the means of buying the serum straight for use alone or mixed into products you already have! Simple!

Here is how I've been using the serum each night. First, I wash, exfoliate, tone and treat. Once those products have been absorbed, I slather on a pea-sized amount of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  That might seem small, but one dab will truly do you here. It comes out a bit like a gel, but once you emulsify it with your fingers, it becomes much more fluid, hence the need for small amounts. I apply it to my face and neck, and then I let it settle in. Immediately my skin feels smoother and more hydrated! I finish things off with my moisturizer, and then I'm ready to turn in. And each morning I awaken with fresh, soft skin!

I received the 2oz bottle, and let me assure you that I've hardly made a dent in it even with daily use. Not only will it take you a long way, but it is far more budget friendly than many serums on the market claiming to do the exact same thing. I love a good bargain, especially one that works, and to be able to buy it direct from a company that creates natural products, I'm sold!

I have loved using this product and would absolutely recommend it to those who might be interested. In fact, it's made me want to explore what else RainShadow Labs has to offer! With everything from skincare to fragrance to candles, I'm sure there are more fantastic offerings to fall in love with.

Do you own any products with hyaluronic acid in them? What has your experience been? Do you think it lives up to the hype?

Stay gorgeous, lovelies!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Influenster, Jolly VoxBox Influenster, Jolly VoxBox, Welcome

Hello, beauties! Today I'm bringing you a peek into Influenster's Jolly VoxBox. For those of you not in the know, Influenster is a community for online trend-setters to review the latest products and get a chance to receive "VoxBoxes", boxes filled with free products to review! Sounds like fun, right? Well, this past month I qualified for their Jolly VoxBox, and I thought you lovelies might want to see what was inside! Let's have a look!


Skinny Cow, Divine Filled Chocolates DuckTape, Mini Ducklings, Puffs to Go, Tissues NYC, HD Color Trio, Palette, Eyeshadow, Rimmel London, Show Off, Lip Lacquer, Lip Gloss

1. Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates in Peanut Butter Creme

Skinny Cow is a brand that has been on my radar for quite awhile. Whenever I pop down the snack aisle, I always eye up their treats. Getting a full sized box of their Divine Filled Chocolates definitely helped take the Jolly Vox Box to the next level for me! You can't go wrong with chocolates, no?

2. DuckTape Ducklings Mini Roll

If you are a crafter, then the DuckTape Duckling Mini Rolls are a must for your DIY kit! They come in all sorts of colors and patterns perfect for any craft idea you can think of!

DIY IDEA: Let each member of the family pick out their fave, patterned Duckling Mini Roll, gather up all of the similar items you each have (cords, chargers, remotes, etc.), and then use the tape to mark which item belongs to who! Easy way to keep all of your things straight!

3. Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong to Go

I'm a huge fan of Puffs tissue as it is. We keep boxes of them scattered throughout the house for even the smallest of sniffles. So I was excited to get a To Go pack in the Jolly Vox Box! All this time I'd had no idea that Puffs made individual packs as I never see them at my local shops. Definitely going to be stashing this in my purse for use during these cold winter months!

4. NYC HD Color Trio Eyeshadow in 781 Long Beach Sands

If you're a bargain shopper, then you'll know all about New York Color. When it comes to value, you can't get much better than their budget friendly products. And I don't know about y'all, but when it comes to eye makeup, I'm a huge fan of palettes as it makes creating an eye look so easy. I'm not into neutrals for the most part, but this shadow trio looks divine! Can't wait to give it a proper go!

5. Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in 701 Stargazer

As a beauty blogger, I'm no stranger to Rimmel London's Show Off Lip Lacquers (that's Apocalips for y'all overseas babes)! However, as someone who lives for her bright lippies, I would never have picked out this golden color on my own. With it arriving in the Jolly Vox Box, I vowed to give it a fair shake, and let's just say that I'm excited to give it a full review!


Interested in signing up for Influenster? If you're in the United States, leave a comment and your email address! The first five will get an invitation from me to sign up! Set up your profile and who knows? Maybe you'll find yourself qualifying for a VoxBox soon!

Stay gorgeous, kittens!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Sophia Bush's White Hot Ensemble

Sophia Bush, best known as our favorite Tree Hill-er, was recently spotted in the January issue of Splash Magazine wearing this white hot ensemble! Perfect for the office and after work cocktails, this look will have you wearing white long after Labor Day. Want to really kick it up a notch? Add a pair of pumps in your fave color!  Anything goes, y'all!

Crepe Blazer, Mango, $79.99
Straight-Cut Suit Trousers, Mango, $19.99 (on sale)
Love Belt, Lanvin, $1,674 (on sale, same one she's wearing!) or a much cheaper alternative from ASOS, $9.07
Nude Round Sunglasses, ASOS, $18.15

Also, Sophia has a new show, Chicago PD, debuting this week. I don't know about y'all, but I'm definitely tuning in to see her work it out as a kick-ass detective! Love strong female role models on television! Chicago PD airs Wednesdays on NBC starting January 8th at 10pm eastern.


Monday, January 6, 2014


Maybelline, Dream Nude Airfoam, Foundation Maybelline, Dream Nude Airfoam, Foundation, Close Up

Hello, darlings! If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that at the end of last summer I posted a mega haul that I'd gotten from a liquidation sale near my birthday. At that sale I bought a handful of different drugstore foundations that I'd had my eye on for awhile. One of those foundations was Maybelline's Dream Nude Airfoam. I was so excited to try a foam foundation! My only foundation experiences had been creams and liquids, so this seemed like a fun product to branch out with.

After the sale, I had so many items that the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation went untouched for a few weeks. However, as untouched makeups always do, it resurfaced and my excitement to try it was once again ignited. I grabbed it and a couple of other foundations, and over the next few days had a blast experimenting with each of them.

Right off the bat I wasn't impressed with the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam, but I figured it could be something I wore around the house to get my money's worth. No big deal. A day or so after I had experimented with all the foundations, I developed a painful, blotchy red rash all over my cheeks! I was shocked and in pain, and as I'd tried so many foundations, I couldn't figure out which one had done it, but my initial suspicions were that it had stemmed from my new L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation.

Last week I decide to give the L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation another go, and I found that there was no unsightly rash after several uses! I was so excited! Then I saw my bottle of Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam looking lonely and unused in my drawer, so I pulled it out and gave it a second go. From the minute I put it on my skin started to burn. I was upset as even though the color was way too orange, the wear was actually decent this second time around. But because of how much my skin felt irritated, I removed all traces.

Now the horrible, blotchy red rash has returned (hence no swatches), and this time I'm certain that the culprit is the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam. Wondering if I'd just gotten a bad bottle, I took to the internet to see if other people had had a similar reaction. Lo and behold, I found story after story of women having reactions to it. Even some women who didn't typically have sensitive skin! One woman's rash was so bad she had to go to the doctor! I was shocked and relieved at the same time! I wasn't alone! 

I'm not sure what it is in this product that is causing these rashes, but my advice is that if you haven't picked this foundation up, don't. There are enough complaints floating around of women breaking out in the exact same type of rash over it that I'd just as soon not test it out. And if that isn't enough to change your mind, just know that the foundation is super orange, even for ivory tones, and it oxidizes like crazy. It is a seriously poor product, in my opinion.

I love Maybelline and was so disappointed with what happened with the Dream Nude Airfoam, but I won't let it turn me off from the brand as a whole. I will be staying away from any of their future foam foundations, though! Have you tried the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam? Have you had any issues with it?

Stay gorgeous (and rash free), lovelies!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hello, sweeties! Hope you are having a fabbity weekend so far! Every year we make New Year's Resolutions. From fitness to education to health, everyone has those things they want to work on and accomplish during a new year.

For me, I'd love for 2014 to be the year that I finally get a good fitness routine down. I'd like to get organized, both with the blog and at home. I'd like to pay off at least one bill. I want to read more books. Maybe we'll move into a house this year. I'd like to get my skincare game on point. And for the blog, I'd love to continue to grow it's reach and work with more great brands.

So, what about y'all? What are your New Year's Resolutions? What are the things you've pledged to work on and achieve? How are you at keeping your resolutions?

Stay gorgeous, babes!


Friday, January 3, 2014


Nails Inc., Beaded Polish, Embankment Nails Inc., Beaded Polish, Embankment, Close Up NOTD, Nails Inc., Beaded Polish, Embankment

Hello, ducklings! Happy Friday! It's been awhile since I posted a NOTD, so I thought I'd bring it back with a polish that I reach for when I've got a special occasion to go to. It's dark, it's glam, it's textured, and it is all courtesy of one little bottle from Nails Inc.!

Nails Inc. Beaded Polish in Embankment, $11.00, is a fun, easy manicure in a bottle. Packed with deep black polish, micro-beads and large silver, holographic hexagon glitter, Embankment creates a trendy textured look in one quick step. It's the perfect polish for parties, nights out at the club, and everyday fashionistas. Drying in minutes, this polish will take you from bare nails to party ready in record time!

I really love this polish. I'm a huge fan of textured and effects polishes, so grabbing one of Nails Inc.'s Beaded Polishes seemed only natural. The product itself is crazy thick and clumpy, so it takes a bit of maneuvering to work with, and you may need a second coat if the first is a bit spotty. However, the end result is totally worth it, in my opinion.  It's a bit thick on the nails, but it gives such great, sparkly dimension.

There are a couple of downsides. Because the polish is thick and textured, bits like dust or powder from makeup application can settle in and dull it up. A good hand wash fixes that right up, though. The wear time is also slim. This polish chips like nobody's business, but I don't see this as a polish one would wear for long periods of time, so that doesn't bother me too much. And with how quickly it dries and can be touched up, you can just slap a dab on top and not have to redo the whole nail. It's pretty pain free!

I'd definitely like to get another one of the polishes in this line! What about you? Have you tried any of Nails Inc.'s Beaded Polishes? What is your fave go-to party polish?

Stay gorgeous, sugahs!


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Sibu Beauty, Sea Buckthorn, Balancing Facial Cleanser Sibu Beauty, Logo
*Sample provided free for review. All words and opinions are my own. Please review my disclaimer for further details.

Hello, sweethearts! Hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2014! I don't know about y'all, but one of my resolutions this year is to get my skincare game on point. It's been something on my to-do list for awhile, so when Sibu Beauty contacted me at the end of last year to trial their Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser, it was like the skincare gods knew just this Southern girl's plans! Today we're going to take a closer look at a cleanser that is definitely worth the hype!

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser*, $17.95, is an all-natural cleanser meant to help balance even the most stubborn of combination skin. The featured ingredient is the sea buckthorn berry. Abundant in the Himalayas, sea buckthorn berries are packed with Omega 7 which help neutralize nasty free radicals and boosts collagen production. They are also chock full of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. Think of it as a super fruit for your skin!

The cleanser itself is absolutely heavenly! It has a lovely fruity, creamy scent reminiscent of a summer creamsicle. Teeming with micro particles, the Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser gives you the gentlest of exfoliation that buffs away dull, dry skin leaving your face glowing! It also has a non-foaming gel formula that helps suck up excess oil, remove makeup, and clear your pores for a deep clean that keeps acne at bay.

My experience with this cleanser has been nothing short of fantastic! I have been applying it with a konjac sponge for extra exfoliation and I'm left with fresh, clear, balanced skin! I have also found that I have had less breakouts since beginning to use this product. I keep it in my shower and use it once daily to keep my skin in check, and I've been thrilled with the results!

In the end, not only do I recommend the cleanser, but I recommend the brand as a whole. Sibu Beauty employs fair wages, safe, ethical working conditions, and environmentally sound processing techniques. Plus, all of their products are cruelty free, vegan, GMO free, all-natural, and fair trade! So not only does your skin feel amazing when using their products, so does your soul! That's true beauty!

Have you tried any products by Sibu Beauty? What appeals to you most about their Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser?

Stay gorgeous, duckies!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello, beauties!  Happy New Year! I hope y'all had a fantastic New Year's Eve and are having a most excellent New Year's Day! It is with huge excitement that I welcome you to the new Southern Charmed blog (though I know some of your cheeky monkeys peeked early)!  It has been sad saying goodbye to the Little Miss Average brand, but I'm so thrilled to be moving on with this next chapter in the blog's life!

There is so much new content coming this year. I'll be showing you how to snag the swag of your fave celebs, which beauty products are absolute must-haves (and which ones you better leave on the shelf, honey!), eats and treats to make your mouth water, and so much more! Everything you've come to love from Little Miss Average will remain, but there will be loads of new bits and bobs for you to enjoy. Southern Charmed will be a full service blog for the modern Southern woman (and all the women who are Southern at heart).

You may notice a few tweaks here and there over the coming days as I get settled on this new domain. If you find any broken links, have any issues with the blog, or find any old references to Little Miss Average, please don't hesitate to let me know.

We'll be jumping right back in with our regularly scheduled posts tomorrow! I've got a real lovely treat on review that I can't wait to share. Until then, I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful New Year's Day! May 2014 be filled with love, laughter, and new adventures for all!

Stay Southern Charmed, dolls!
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