Monday, January 13, 2014


Benefit Cosmetics, Girl Meets Pearl, Luminizer

Hello, darlings! If you've been following the blog since before the revamp, you'll know that during December I blogged through Benefit's Countdown to Love Advent Calendar. You'll also know that around day 18 I didn't continue as holiday preparations got in the way of my blogging. However, I don't want to totally skip over those products, so today I thought I'd bring you a review of one of the final products in the calendar, the deliciously gorgeous Girl Meets Pearl! Let's take a look!

Girl Meets Pearl, $30.00, is touted by Benefit as "liquid pearl for your face". Another in their long line of luminizers, Girl Meets Pearl gives a lovely rose gold pearl shimmer to any face. It gives a sheer, natural radiance to the dullest of complexions, much like being lit from within! Just apply a pea sized amount of Girl Meets Pearl to the fingertips, and then gently pat it onto places that need a pick me up, like cheeks, forehead, and nose, blending as you go! Shine on, girl!

Girl Meets Pearl is a really gorgeous product. Benefit sure loves their luminizers and highlighters don't they? I dabbed mine on top of my regular face of makeup, and while it looked nice, it looks far better on bare skin. So if you have clear, even skin, this would look fabulous on you! It's perfect for a natural look with some zing! If you are like me and suffer from chronic redness, you won't quite get the flawless effect from Girl Meets Pearl.

If my skin tone was more even, I could see myself buying Girl Meets Pearl for natural day looks. So if you are looking for something to give your natural features a bit of a wow factor, then give Girl Meets Pearl a look. Plus, with rose gold being really on trend right now, it would look fantastic paired with Urban Decay's new Naked 3 palette! You can go wrong there! Rose gold is gorgeous on every skin tone!

Have you tried Girl Meets Pearl? What is your favorite of Benefit's line of luminizers and highlighters?

Stay gorgeous, cutie pies!


  1. I quite like this highlighter :) it's nice paired with a really light hand of pink blush! xx

  2. I love this highlighter!
    Amazing review :)

  3. I ummed and ahhed over this, as I love benefit highlighters! Your review is making me want it even more! x

  4. I haven't tried it! But I have tried Sun Beam and really like it.

    RIKKI //

  5. I would love to try this, need to see if I can get a sample somewhere!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty


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