Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello, ladybugs! In need of a touch of depuffing or under-eye brightening? Then, today's product is one that might have you perfecting your best French accent! That's right! We're talking Benefit's little eye potion, Ooh La Lift!

Ooh La Lift, $22.00, is a liquid eye lift in a bottle. With light reflecting pigments, it brightens the skin around the eyes providing an instant age rewind. Ooh La Lift also contains raspberry extracts to help soothe and depuff tired peepers. Benefit even suggests storing your tube of Ooh La Lift in your refrigerator for an extra level of perkiness. How cool (pun most definitely intended)!

Ooh La Lift is one product I've actually tried several years back and am now trying again. To be honest, I'm not sure it works all that well for moderate to heavy dark circles. I have moderate dark circles from chronic insomnia, and with appropriate application, I only see about a ten to twenty percent brightening of those circles, which leaves my under eyes looking a bright grey at best. If you try to add more layers, it creases and gets a bit chalky. So honestly, I find this to be best for those with really light circles or for depuffing redness after a crying spell. I must say that using Ooh La Lift straight from the fridge is lovely! Soothes my eyes right up!

I think I'll give Ooh La Lift a pass when it comes time to buy, and will continue on the search for an under eye product that works better for the chronically sleepless. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear it!

Have you tried Ooh La Lift? What was your experience? What products are your eye saviors?

Stay gorgeous, chickies!

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