Monday, January 20, 2014

Emergency Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers


Hello, beauties! Hope everyone had a fabulous, productive weekend. Today I'm bringing you the second entry in my popular Emergency Blog Post Ideas series. Last time, we focused on blog post ideas for beauty bloggers. This week, it's the lifestyle bloggers' turn. I've got 10 emergency blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers sure to get you writing if you're ever in a pickle! Let's get started!

1. Tags! Tags aren't just for beauty and fashion bloggers. Loads of tags are simply meant for the readers to get to know the blogger better. So find a tag that tickles your fancy, and open up to your supporters! A couple of great examples are The Autumn Tag or The First Time Tag. Just pick one and start sharing. You never know what you might learn about yourself and your readers.

2. Interview a Relative! Everyone has at least one relative that loves to tell stories from their past. Often our relatives have incredible lives to share. Especially our elders! Have a sit with a close family member and see what amazing things they've done or experienced. For example, I had a great uncle who fought in WWII. Think of all the harrowing stories he had! Record your relatives' adventures and have a wonderful record of your family history to look back on.

3. Get Lost (Sort Of)! Find a place you've never been before and explore it. Grab a local map, close your eyes, and point. Wherever your finger lands is where you go! Alternatively, get in your car and drive, making random turns whenever the mood strikes you. Who know what you'll uncover right near home! Just don't forget your GPS so that you can find your way back home once you've completed your adventure.

4. Family Tree! This is a real project, and could be an ongoing series if you wanted. If you have the time and patience, start researching your family tree. There are loads of online resources to get you started. Share your genealogical findings on your blog. Don't forget to tell us about any famous figures you're related to!

5. Hometown Heroes! There are so many amazing things about where you live, and you know them best. Introduce your readers to the best shops, venues, restaurants, bars, and whatever else you think truly makes your hometown a better place to live. Pretty soon, you'll have a fantastic guide to the place you call home that will become a great resource to future visitors.

6. Pet Pals! I see this suggested all the time during lifestyle chats, and I totally agree. If you have pets, show us! We want to see your pet pals whether furry, feathery, scaly, slimy and anything inbetween. Pets are great inspiration, so give them a fun little series of their own to shine. Everyone loves animals, and yours is no exception!

7. Going for the Goal(d)! Have a goal you've been wanting to achieve? Make it a series! Blog your journey for all your readers, and use your blog to help you stay on track. Writing about your goals can help keep you accountable, and help you achieve them quicker. And who knows. You might just inspire someone to have a fabulous journey of their own!

8. Nostalgia / Throwbacks! Everyone loves a good nostalgia post! Anything from your childhood can be easy post inspiration. Create a playlist of your fave songs from the 90s. Countdown your favorite TV shows from when you were little. Drag out old toys and books and take a trip down memory lane. Let your childhood and your fondest memories be your guide!

9. Product Reviews! As a lifestyle blogger you have the leeway to review more than just beauty products, fashion, and gadgets. Found the ultimate french press? Review it! Have a fave candle company? Tell us! Your life is full of great products to talk about, and your opinions and expertise can help others make their lives better and easier.

10. Recipes / DIYs! You don't have to be a food blogger or a crafting diva for this one! Maybe you have some fave foods you enjoy making? Teach us! Or maybe you know how to create awesome party jewelry with just some tin foil and wire. Show us how! Put your teaching cap on and help your readers learn something new.


So, there you go, lifestyle bloggers! 10 emergency blog post ideas to help you kick writer's block to the curb or to switch things up on your blog. Your life is full of inspiration and readers come to your blog because they want to know all about it. Have fun with it and let your adventures guide you!

What are some of your emergency lifestyle post ideas? How do you get rid of the dreaded writer's block?


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