Friday, February 21, 2014

Benefit Cosmetics That Gal Primer - Review

Benefit Cosmetics That Gal Primer, $29.00
Primers are an important first step in makeup application as they keep your slap on through all sorts of elements. But I love primers better when they can pull double duty and benefit your skin as well. Whether through the addition of SPF, supplying an extra bit of moisture, or improving your skin's luster, having a dual purpose can help cut down on the amount of products you put on your face and ensures you keep more money in your wallet. Today we'll be looking at a primer that keeps your makeup looking picture perfect all day and gives you glowing, fresh skin to boot.

Benefit Cosmetics' That Gal Primer is a luminous pink primer meant to help brighten up dull, lifeless skin as well as lock your makeup in place. Packed with chamomile, raspberry, and light reflecting pigments, That Gal gives a youthful glow to skin of all types and ages. Just dispense a small amount onto the fingertips, rubbing them together to warm the product up, then gently pat all over the cheeks, forehead, and chin to give your skin and makeup that added oomph.

That Gal smells amazing, much like juicy raspberries. The scent alone makes me want to wear it as often as possible. It also livens up the skin and give it a soft, diffused glow, but once you apply your makeup over it, it loses some of that brightness. However, you can pat a bit on top of your foundation to add a nice, natural highlight. Personally, I think that That Gal is a primer best worn alone for women who already have flawless, even skin and just want a product that gives their skin that little something extra. Combine it with a swipe of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara and a slick of their Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-Lister, and you're ready to run errands or enjoy a lazy day at home.

That Gal is a product that I really like even if I can't reap the secondary benefits as I've got uneven, acne-scarred skin. Yes, it's a primer, and it is fabulous at that, but because it is also supposed to be worn alone to create radiant, perfect skin, I'd feel like I wasn't getting my money's worth if I bought a full sized tube. However, I do think that other women will really love this, and if you have smooth, even skin, That Gal will really be lovely and a makeup must-have!

Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics' That Gal Primer? What's your favorite primer to get gorgeous, glowy skin?


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