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cat-ty cor-ner [adj.]
          : Southern slang for "being diagonal to/from"

cat-ty cor-ner [noun]
          : A new series giving readers an inside peek at the lives of my four kitties: Zoey, Hailey, Sophie, and Sheldon.

Hello, darlings! Welcome to my new series featuring my four sweet little fur babies! You might be wondering why I'm creating a series based around the lives of my pets. Well, last year during a lifestyle bloggers chat, many bloggers mentioned that they loved reading about people's pets, and that they wished more bloggers would post about their animal friends. Having four cats definitely makes for an interesting life, and I wanted to share their crazy antics with all of you!

I decided to start now for a not-so-happy reason. Saturday, my eldest cat (and the one you'll meet today), Zoey, suddenly lost the use of one of her back legs. We had to rush her to the vet, and she is now at an emergency vet hospital. I'll touch more on this at the end of the post, but I wanted to go ahead and start the series now as I don't know what the future will hold, and I want to make sure she gets to be a part of this series. She means so much to me, and I can't imagine a world where I couldn't include her. So now, I am pleased to introduce Miss Zoey!

Zoey (also known as Zoeybug, Zowie Wowie, and Miss Wee) is an 11-year-old shorthaired tortoiseshell. I received Zoey as a present from my dad and step-mother for my 16th birthday. I'd had loads of cats as a kid, but prior to her, it had been a good six or seven years since I'd had one, and I'd been dying for a new kitty. I moved in with my mother soon after, and Zoey came along with me.


She was my constant companion. Not only would she sleep in my bed at night, but she would climb in beside me, nudging her way under my arm so I could cuddle her much the way you would a stuffed animal. She'd be so content as she fell asleep that she'd drool on me like a baby! When I would leave the house, whether to take out the trash or to go out with friends, she would patiently wait at the front door until I returned home to her. She was my furry shadow.

Then, I went off to college. The first few weeks she was so mopey. My mother told me that she seemed so lost without me there. When I transferred closer to home after my first semester, she was so happy! She didn't leave my side when I was home. Through illness, heartbreak, and happiness she was there, always knowing when I needed a cuddle. When I moved away again after getting married, I had to leave her behind and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I would miss her so desperately that I would burst into tears when the feeling became overwhelming. Needless to say, when my husband and I had to move in with my mom last year when I became ill, it was an emotional homecoming!

Zoey was a rambunctious baby! She loved to play fetch, chase bubbles, and attack "bed mice" aka your feet when you are in bed. That all gave way to an incredibly chill adult kitty. Now her most energetic time is when she comes racing into the kitchen to beg for a treat. Afterwards, she flops onto her side, exposing her belly for rubs. She's a bit of a chubster, so we call this pose her "mana-kitty" pose! So cute!

We've had so many good years together. Her being sick now has left me feeling incredibly lost and helpless. The prognosis is fair. Originally, it was believed that the weakness in her leg was from a blood clot due to heart disease. However, tests have shown that her heart is perfectly healthy. Instead, the x-rays have shown a mass in her lungs. We're still awaiting the results to determine whether she has lung cancer or strange growths from lungworms/heartworms. All are treatable.


The pressing issue is her leg. It is possible that she won't regain function in it, and they'll have to amputate the leg. The real threat is that she'll regain blood flow to the leg too quickly causing her muscles to release a sudden, fatal burst of potassium. We're told that this is uncommon, but it's something we have to be aware of.

Now we're racing against the clock to find the money for the surgeries that she is going to need. We've drained our savings, we're all taking on extra work where we can, we've applied for a health care credit card, we're looking into loans, charity grants, and even planning a fundraiser. Anything to help get her cared for. The doctor believes that with the surgeries she'll have a long life ahead of her, so we're just trying to do the best we can to get her the care she needs.

And, don't worry. I won't be asking my readers to give towards the fund. I'd feel horrible asking for money from readers, so I just wanted to make it known that this post isn't trying to get money from anyone. We'll be doing the fundraiser through family and friends. I just wanted to go ahead and start this series and include her first to get as many of those memories down as possible seeing as how things are so dire for her.

I'm miserable without her, and desperately want her home. The idea that she might not return home is devastating to me. Pets become such an intrinsic part of your family, and losing them is much like losing any other family member. Absolutely heartbreaking. I'm not ready to lose her just yet, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she comes home soon, and will be a part of this series for a long time to come!

Next time on Catty-Corner I'll introduce you to one of my special rescue babies, Hailey! She's proof that black cats are definitely not bad luck! See you then, lovecats!


  1. I hope your beautiful kitty gets better soon, she looks like such a sweetie! I wish you and her all the best xxx

    1. Thank you, dearest. I truly appreciate that. If we can come through with the money, things look really good for her! I don't want to be too optimistic as you never know what life will bring, but I'm hoping we'll be able to bring her home soon and get her back to a normal life. Fingers, toes, and everything else are crossed tighter than tight. I just want to take care of her the best that I can! xx

  2. She's beautiful, and she reminds me of my fluffy baby. So sad to hear that she needs the operation and I realy really hope things will get better soon, it's horrible when your pets aren't well. Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Thank you so much! Right now the doctors are suggesting we wait a bit on surgery to better assess the true cause for the mass, as they don't want to operate if it isn't necessary. It's still a bit of a waiting game, but the news is becoming a bit better instead of worse, so that's what we're clinging to right now. xx

  3. I hope everything works out in the end and Zoey recovers soon!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that! She's doing better at the moment, so we're hoping that things start to look up soon! xx

  4. Poor Zoey. I just remember how loving she was on my visits. You send her all my love and I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be seeing her (and you) very soon. I do miss you. xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin' | YouTube


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