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Hello, pretties! In the past couple of years, BB creams have burst onto the scene in the western beauty world. Imported from Asia, these beauty balms are not only meant to help even skin tone, but many are filled with all sorts of goodies like sunscreen, serums and peptides making them part skincare, as well. I tend to prefer heavier coverage, but I couldn't pass up the chance to try this new trend. After several misses, I finally came across today's product, and now I see where the BB cream love comes from!

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm, $39.00, is a Korean import that can be found at your nearest Sephora. Not only does it help balance your skin tone, but it keeps your face safe from those damaging sun rays with its added 45 SPF sunscreen. The Premium Beauty Balm also boasts a brightening, firming, and hydrating serum, and bio-peptides and adenosine to restore skin's elasticity. I'm a huge fan of two-in-one products, and I love how this BB cream helps my skin as I wear it, all the while making my skin look beautiful each day.

With other BB creams I've tried, the "light" shade is always too dark and orange. The Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm is the first I've tried that actually matches my pale skin. It does make my skin slightly ashen, but I chalk it up to the zinc oxide in the sunscreen. As for the formulation, it's a bit thick in a similar consistency to a mid-weight cream. This allows for an application that is neither slippery, nor difficult to work with. The coverage leans more towards medium, in my opinion. It covers my stubborn redness,  but isn't heavy enough to cover any spots I may have. Still, it gets me as close to clear, natural-looking skin as I could hope for from a BB cream!

The only true negative is in the packaging. The bottle looks quite sleek, however the design issue is in putting the pump at the bottom. This wouldn't seem like such an issue, except for the fact that if you try to pump it into your hand like normal, it doesn't dispense properly after a while. It's much like having a pen that won't write upside down. This means that you have to dispense the product awkwardly. Sometimes, because of this, the product sputters out and flies everywhere. Personally, I'd rather have a squeeze bottle than the current bottom pump bottle. Outside of this, I really love this product.

In the end, this is one of my fave products. I'd consider it for HG status, but I'd like to try a couple more BB creams before I make the call officially. If you are looking for a BB cream that provides light to medium coverage, great skincare benefits, and you are a fellow pale lady, I'd definitely recommend giving the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm a try. It's a bit pricey, but I feel it is well worth the cost for how lovely it makes my skin look and feel!

Do you use BB cream in your daily routine? Which BB cream is your go-to? I'd love some suggestions of which ones to try next!

Stay gorgeous, peaches!


  1. I used the Ponds "BB Cream" for a while, but it's too pink/light on me, really. I don't know. I'd rather for the actual Asian/German BB creams.


    1. I might have to give that one a go and see how it works on my skin. Dr. Jart+ is a Korean brand, and I know that Asian brands tend to do a bit better with color matching pale skin. My worst experience came with Garnier's BB cream. It was so orange I thought it was a joke at first! xx

  2. I have a Dr. Jart BB Cream, I believe it's the Rejuvenating one and I completely agree that it's medium coverage and quite natural with it. I love the consistency, and my skin feels nice and hydrated through the day. The one I have is a squeeze bottle, which seems odd that they'd go for a pump on the new one. This is my most reached for BB Cream, it's definitely worth the hype it gets. xo

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