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revlon-colorburst-lip-butters-the-berries-southern-charmed-blog revlon-colorburst-lip-butters-the-berries-southern-charmed-blog revlon-colorburst-lip-butters-the-berries-product-shot-southern-charmed-blog

Hello, dahlings! As you know, I am a full on fan of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. Out of the many lip products I've bought in the last six months, these babies are some of my favorites! A few days ago, I showed y'all five lush pinks from the line. Today, we'll be taking a look at three beautiful berry shades! The days might be warming up, but a berry pout never goes out of style and is always in season for a sophisticated nighttime look.

As with the pinks, these have much the same buttery, moisturizing formula. Even so, make sure to not neglect your pre-application exfoliation to have the best results. The darker colors do feel slightly heavier on, but these lip butters are still a fantastic alternative to traditional lipsticks. Also, because these are darker, you'll want to have a mirror handy before slapping it on to get an even berry pout. And, as always, don't leave these anywhere warm as they will melt, and that would just be no fun! Now, let's get to the swatches!


• 010 Raspberry Pie:
Raspberry Pie is a gorgeous berry shade with juicy pink undertones. One swipe is all you need to get a full on opaque pout. While this could definitely be considered an autumn color, it reminds me of the fruity stains you get from eating raspberry tarts or rhubarb pie at a fabulous southern feast. There's no settling into find lines, no clinging to dry bits, and no glitter, making for a fabulous shade for all ages! Raspberry Pie lasts for several hours, and wears evenly, so put it on and head out for a night on the town!


• 050 Berry Smoothie:
Berry Smoothie is a sheerer, red-toned berry shade with gold micro-glitter. With this one, I definitely notice a bit of line settling and patchiness that I don't experience with the other shades, and it doesn't feel quite as creamy and hydrating. However, if you work with it a bit, it really is a beautiful shade. This is a much more everyday wear type of shade that is perfect for everything from a day at the office to going out to run errands. Berry Smoothie is the type of shade that really warms up the face and brings it alive, so don't leave it in your makeup drawer this spring. Go ahead and give it a whirl!


• 075 Lollipop:
Lollipop is a blue-toned fuchsia berry with silver micro-glitter, though you don't feel it at all when wearing it. It just gives a nice shine to your lips. For some, Lollipop might fall into the pink category, but on my lips it is much more berry-like in shade, hence my including it with the other berries. Lollipop is the perfect transition shade from warm days to cool ones and back again, so I can imagine it getting plenty of use when I want to rock a darker bold lip. It's also fairly sheer when first applied so you can easily ramp it up of tone it down to suit your needs. It's beautifully moisturizing and so much fun to wear!

Overall, I really love the berry shades, and unlike with some of the pink hues, I find these to all be fairly different from each other. If I had to choose a favorite of these three, it would probably be Lollipop. It's just so fun and easily wearable year round! Signature lip, anyone? Though, I do think that Berry Smoothie would look fantastic on loads of skin tones even if it is a bit fussy. Plus, I think berries tend to look good on all ages, so there is a little bit of something for everyone!

Next up, we'll be looking at a few of the reds and a few of the nudes from the collection, so stay tuned, beauties!

Do you own any of the berry shades from the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters? Which hue calls to you most?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Revlon-Colorburst-Lip-Butters-The-Pinks-Southern-Charmed-Blog Revlon-Colorburst-Lip-Butters-The-Pinks-Product-Shot-Southern-Charmed-Blog

Hello, beauties! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you may remember that last month I splurged on 13 (yes, 13!) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters when CVS was running a "buy one, get one half off" special. These babies have been out for awhile, but I always assumed them to be glorified tinted lip balms. Recently, I've been obsessed with Revlon's other lip products, so I finally decided to do a bit of research on the lip butters, and, my, how wrong I was! Immediately, I knew that I had to have these in my collections, and there are so many gorgy colors that I went on a full-on spree!

Since then, I've had loads of time to play with them and am ready to give my full report! As there are so many shades, I've decided to break the collection into four reviews of the different color families: pinks, berries, reds, and nudes. Each post will consist of reviews of each shade and a natural light lip swatch. If I decide to go crazy and purchase the rest of the shades, I'll edit them into these posts and announce the edits via social media.

Today, we're starting with the pinks! I'm a huge fan of pink makeup, and most of my lippies are some shade of pink, so I knew that pink would feature heavily in my lip butter purchases. Obviously, my instincts were dead on! I ended up grabbing five different pinks and they are all beautiful! Before we get started, I'll give you a general overview of what I think about the collection as a whole, so let's get to it!

Overall, I think the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are some of the best lip products on the market. They are intensely hydrating and aren't lacking for pigment like tinted lip balms. These are a great alternative to heavier lipsticks, but with similar color payoffs and only slightly smaller wear times. The colors are infinitely buildable, and the darker colors do leave a slight stain which gives it even more value. Hydrating for colder months, and lightweight for warmer months, this line is the ultimate in drugstore lip products!  A bit of caution, DO NOT leave these somewhere warm as they WILL melt! Not even in your pockets, ladies! Now, onto the pinks!


• 055 Cupcake
Cupcake is an adorable cool-toned baby pink with an underlying hint of blue. This is one of the sheerer of the series, so will be perfect for women who aren't huge fans of over the top shades. It's also easy to slick on and go without much fuss. There is no shimmer and it doesn't settle terribly in fine lines, so it's wearable for all ages! This would be a great color to wear come Easter Sunday for moms, daughters, and grandmas!


• 080 Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake is a cute, neutral, muted Barbie pink. This is also fairly sheer and fuss free, so another perfect grab and go pick to throw in your bag. It glides on easily and doesn't settle in fine lines, so it's great for pink lovers of any generation. And without any shimmer, it's great for every day looks. I imagine it will get a nice workout this spring alongside other pastel looks.


• 045 Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy is a warmer-toned version of Cupcake (though, I realize it looks the same as Strawberry Shortcake in the swatch). Another baby pink, Cotton Candy boasts a slightly metallic sheen from gold micro glitters (again, hard to see with the swatch, but is much more obvious in person). These are incredibly tiny, so don't worry about feeling glitter when you rub your lips together. Even with the shimmer, it's still really wearable, but it may be something older women want to stay away from in favor of Strawberry Shortcake or Cupcake. There is no line settling, and it's nice and sheer, so apply away! Cotton Candy is going to be great for youthful, summer looks and really warms up the face!


• 090 Sweet Tart
Sweet Tart is a hot candy pink reminiscent of sugary sweets on a summer's day! This color is absolutely gorgeous and will be a perfect shade for these warmer months! While there is no line settling or glitter, it is more opaque, so you'll probably want to whip our your handy dandy mirror before giving this one a swipe. It's also a bit heavier feeling and builds better that the other three, and has a more typical lipstick feel. It's still hydrating, but the weight is something to take note of if you are looking for a lighter lip product!


• 053 Sorbet
Sorbet is a deeper, more vibrant version of Sweet Tart, and almost veers into berry territory, but not quite! This is my favorite of the pinks as I love a good, bright shaded pout! I can't get enough of it! It does feel a bit more like a traditional lipstick, but it keeps my lips silky smooth, which is why it's superior in my mind. Sorbet is fabulously creamy and builds up so beautifully. Because of the darker pigment, you'll definitely want a mirror and a steady hand. Sorbet will be a great summer to fall transition shade. Though, knowing me, I'll have had to repurchase this shade five times before then!

In the end, all five colors are beautiful and will be fab for spring and summer, though I lean more towards the darker shades personally. Of the lighter lippies, I'd recommend Cotton Candy as the mandatory purchase, and of the two darker shades, obviously I'd choose Sorbet! The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters retail for $8.29 and are part of the permanent collection.

Do you own any of the pink Lip Butters? Which shade is your favorite?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!
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