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Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara, Mascara Brush
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara, $6.99
Hello, beauties! I hope you've had a fabulous week. Any good weekend plans? I know that for me, weekend fun begins and ends with how I decide to do my makeup. A huge part of that is me picking the perfect mascara to give myself the flirtiest, flutteriest lashes possible. As I have tiny, baby lashes, I am exceptionally critical of mascaras that I buy, so it's always a bummer to come across one that leaves me less than impressed. Today we're taking a look at one such mascara that I feel is just not worth the precious pennies.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara touts defined volume, lift and length, and features a unique brush with a ball tip to help reach every last lash. In fact, it even shows a little illustration of the brush on the tube itself. However, I should have seen the warning signs when I realized that the brush did not, in fact, have a ball of any sort on it. Instead, it was just tipped with different sized bristles to give a spherical illusion. Naughty, naughty!

The brush issue aside, I didn't find the product to live up to it's claims, either. As I said, I'm a short lashed lass, and I found no real measurable added length from this mascara. There was an extra bit of lift and curl which was quite nice, but it wasn't enough to redeem this little baby. Also, despite the shade being called Extreme Black, it tinted my lashes more of a brown-black hue than anything else. Definitely not extreme! Lastly, I found this mascara to be flakier than a friend who always forgets to pay you back, and the pigment transfers after an hour or so much the way unprimed eyeliner does on oily lids. Imagine my surprise at getting raccoon eyes from my mascara! Trust me, that raccoon look only looks cute on raccoons (who are adorable, let's be real).

In general, the Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara was wholly underwhelming. I'm a fan of Rimmel London, so this won't put me off from the brand. It's just a bit disappointing. I am, however, still on the lookout for my HG drugstore mascara. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments below!

Have you tried Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!


  1. Love the sound of this - a great budget beauty buy!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. I have tried a couple of the other Scandal Eye Mascaras and like you were with this one I was really underwhelmed! It is a shame as Rimmel have some amazing products!

  3. I'm not a big fan of this mascara at all and I normally love Rimmel products!

    Jegz xo

  4. I really wanted to try this as I need to try a few cheaper make-up items xx

  5. I have been disappointed with all of the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascaras which is a shame. My favourite mascara's come from Maybelline.


  6. What a shame this one didn't really do what you wanted it too! I do really like the Scandaleye's range though. I hope this comes over to the UK so I can have a try.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  7. I haven't found a Rimmel mascara that is worth mentioning as yet. It's quite sad because they have amazing lipsticks, foundations, nails,etc. Scandaleyes always fall flat :(

    Kate | The Minted Beauty

  8. I love all of rimmels products except their mascara. They either seem to be really clumpy or just not do the job.
    Beth x


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