Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette - Review




Urban Decay Electric Palette, $49.00
Hello, beauties! Urban Decay is notorious for their eyeshadow palettes. For years, everyone has been swooning over their nude and neutral Naked palettes (and Naked foundations, Naked lipsticks, Naked...just how naked can a face get, y'all?). I tend to lean towards brighter hues, so when Urban Decay announced the Electric palette full of life, color, and neon goodness, I immediately set the release date on my calendar and began dreaming of all the "electric" looks I'd get to create. Today we'll be taking a look at this gorgeous palette that had me believing that you really can have love at first sight with your beauty products!

Urban Decay's Electric palette, despite belief, is actually pressed pigments instead of your typical eyeshadows. Shades like these can be hard to get right with the usual eyeshadow formula, so to really amp the colors up, Urban Decay chose to go the route of pressed pigments. While this means the hues are vibrant as all get out, it also means that some of them can stain or irritate the eye area (namely Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban), so you've got to use your own judgment before applying them all willy-nilly like!

There are ten shades, two being re-promotes (Chaos and Revolt), and a double sided brush which is decent, but can be removed to throw in an eyeliner instead. Each of the pigments are velvety smooth and blend like a dream, with Revolt being the only one that is a little harder to work with. The sheer amount of looks you can create with these hues is limited only to your imagination. Plus, the red, pink, and purple shades can pull double duty as blushes making this palette excellent for travel. And because those colors stain, you'll want to make sure you are primed to the nines to limit color transfer. Don't worry, it isn't permanent. Don't let this scare you off from all the pretty!

All in all, I love this palette! The colors challenge me and expand my application techniques. The pigments are solid, bright choices that are perfect for more experimental makeup fanatics. If you need a palette that will liven up your makeup collection, this is a great choice. And since it's from Urban Decay, you know it'll be one bad mother trucker!

Have you bought the Urban Decay Electric palette? How do you like to wear bright shades?

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Stay gorgeous, peaches!



  1. Fab colours, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear them though

  2. I am not usually keen on bright electric shades but the idea of pressed pigments just makes me want to try it out. Also the palette looks gorgeous and every shade seems vibrant in its color. If I have money to spare, I'll spent it on this palette.
    xx Lisa

  3. I haven't bought it and I'm not sure that I will right now. Sugarpill has given me more than enough bright colours.


  4. The colors and the texture are beautiful! I would love to own this but I rather spend my money on other palettes! I am super happy with my snapshots palette from sleek which to me is similar enough!

  5. Ohhh I love it !.I dunno if I'd be brave enough to pull of those amazing colors -They are so bright !.

    Cait ||

  6. Those colors are amazing, but I wish I could see some suggested looks for daytime/ nighttime/ daily wear so that I could be encouraged to take the plunge!

  7. The colors are so gorgeous! I think the teal shade is my favorite. I mostly wear neutrals, but I feel like if I bought the palette, I would make more of an attempt to incorporate color into my daily looks. That palette is drool-worthy!

  8. I love your photos and amazing review! I've got my eyes on this palette.... <3

  9. Urban Decay has the best bronzers so I'm excited about their latest palette. I just want to play with all these colors. Like Brigette, I have my eyes on this!


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