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Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment - Review

Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment*, $80.00
Hello, beauties! Whether from work, family, friends, or relationships, stress is something we’ve all experienced our fair share of. Not only can it affect our moods, but it can affect our performance, our weight, and even our health. When that dreaded anxiety hits, we want something that works to help calm the mind and soothe our worries. Aromatherapy treatments with essential oils have been studied and used for centuries, with their healing properties becoming more popular worldwide in the last few decades. So when I was contacted to trial a new stress treatment from organic beauty brand Tata Harper, I jumped at the chance to see whether a choice concoction of oils could really settle the nerves and give stress a fair kiss off!

The Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment is a natural solution to your stress woes. It’s blend of essential oils is meant to help dispel anxiety while promoting harmony and wellness. Linden blossom serves to relax the mind and is believed to help reduce blood pressure, which can easily skyrocket in those more nerve wracking situations. A note of rose otto is uplifting and is thought to have antidepressant properties, a positive for when times seem at their worst. A layer of neroli oil helps relieve tension and soothe the nerves, keeping you relaxed and in control. And lastly, famed frankincense means to ground you through daily turbulence.

The Aromatic Stress Treatment comes in a 5ml rollerball for easy on the go application. There are two modes of use. The first is to apply the oil to your pulse points such as the wrists, behind the ears, and the temples to engulf you in long lasting calm. The second way to use this oil is to apply it liberally to your palms, cup them over your nose, and take in five deep breaths for quick, potent relief. The oil is all-natural and not tested on animals, so you’ll be doing something good for the body and the soul alongside the mind.

So, the real question is does it work? I have been an anxiety sufferer for over ten years. I’ve tried all sorts of medications and alternative therapies. No, this will not work as well as a prescribed medication. However, if you have less frequent stress, this can absolutely be a useful tool in your arsenal. It’s no secret that the right blend of scents can relax us. Add this along with the ritual of applying the oil to the pulse points and taking a few moments to breathe it in deeply (deep breathing being a mainstay of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and I’ve found that for day to day moments of unrest, the Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment works to center me and untangle my thoughts. A win in any book.

If you are looking for an all natural solution for stress and anxiety, I definitely recommend giving the Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment a keen look. And if the scent of natural oils is your thing, this can double as a rich, heady perfume. You can purchase a vial of your very own at

What are your natural stress solutions? What do you like to do to relax after a hard day?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!


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  1. When I realized stress caused wrinkles, I said goodbye to all things stress related years ago! There was something about turning "middle aged" that caused me to kiss stress goodbye! But I could see how this could really help someone relax. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Tata Harper products!! I don't think that I've tried this one, but I will for sure write this down and give it a try! Who doesn't need some help relieving stress!!

  3. I've never tried anything like aroma therapy but it sounds really relaxing for sure.

  4. I love aroma therapy - my down fall is being allergic to lavender which is apparently the most relaxing scent out there! This one looks really nice!

  5. I've not tried this but it sounds really relaxing, I do try and take deep breaths if I feel myself getting stressed out.

  6. This is so neat! Good bye stress!! :)

  7. This sounds really good, I suffer with clinical anxiety and depression so I know it won't be a miracle worker but a natural remedy just sounds great xxx

  8. Never thought of this as a treatment for stress. Quite interesting.

  9. This sounds nice, I have read good things about this brand.


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