Monday, December 14, 2015

Get a Merry and Bright Holiday Smile with Crest 3D Whitestrips



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Crest in association with Acorn Influence. However, all words and opinions are my own, as always.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is how sparkly and shiny everything is. I'm like a magpie with all of the twinkling fairy lights, the crackling fireplaces, the gorgeous glitter and sequin party dresses, and even the dazzling white snow (when we're lucky enough to get some here in the south). Things seem that little bit more festive when everything is done up to shine at its best. That includes taking the time to make sure we're looking our best and brightest for all of those parties and holiday selfies. And that's where Crest 3D Whitestrips come in to get our smiles sparkly white and ready for those mistletoe moments.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Get Gorgeous with the Goody #CleanRadiance Glam Giveaway!

goody-clean-radiance-hair-brush, goody-hair-accessories

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Goody in association with Acorn Influence. However, all words and opinions are my own, as always!

You may remember a few weeks back when I told you all about the fantastic, new Clean Radiance Hair Brush from Goody. Well today I'm pairing up with Goody again for an amazing holiday hair giveaway! 28 (yes, 28!) of you have the chance to win one of three fabulous gift packages that are sure to help you have the perfect party hair this season. So, what's up for grabs you might ask? [25] third place winners will receive a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart, [2] second place winners will receive a beauty basket from Goody valuing $100 dollars, and [1] grand prize winner will receive a Chi Ceramic Hair Straightener and CROC Designer Blow Dryer. Can you say gorg-o-rama? All you have to do is enter using the widget below. It's that simple! And don't forget to pick up an amazing Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush from your nearest Walmart to start your own hair-volution today! Good luck, everyone!

Beauty and Glam Giveaway

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Antica Farmacista Vanilla, Bourbon and Mandarin Candle - Review


Antica Farmacista Vanilla, Bourbon and Mandarin Candle, $44.00

Disclaimer: This post contains products sent to me by a brand or PR company in exchange for a review. However, all words and opinions are my own, as always.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is setting the stage with beautiful home fragrances. The right cocktail of scents can help us create fond memories or effortlessly transport us back to the holidays of years past. And what can make an atmosphere more cozy than a candle burning away whilst you're cuddled under a warm blanket with loved ones? Come this time of year my home is always filled with candles creating gorgeous layers of scent that make these frost-filled nights that little bit more magical. So when Antica Farmacista contacted me offering to send me one of their favorite cozy, luxury candles to add to my rotation, I couldn't very well say no.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Get Healthy, Shiny Hair with the NEW Goody #CleanRadiance Hair Brush

goody-clean-radiance-hair-brush, goody-hair-ties, goody-bobby-pins



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Goody in association with Acorn Influence. However, all words and opinions are my own, as always!

They say that a Leo's crowning glory is her hair, but I've had a love/hate relationship with mine for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of my mom chopping off my hair because I refused to let her put a brush through it (I rocked a mean Dorothy Hamill!). And even now as an adult I frequently find myself stressing over my massive lion's mane and threatening to shave it off. To this day, one of the biggest fights I have with my tresses is getting a brush through it without wanting to scream in frustration. Throw in a mix of oily roots and dry ends, plus a severe lack of shine, and is it any wonder that I often want to reach for my husband's electric razor?


Monday, November 16, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Bath Bomb | Butterbear - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Bath Bomb | Butterbear, $4.95
When the temperature starts taking a turn for the colder, one of my favorite things to indulge in is a nice, hot bath. There's just something sacred about the ritual of crafting the perfect soak, and no one provides the ingredients better than LUSH. And while I do love their bath bombs that supply a heaping dose of sparkle and fizz, I have quite a soft spot for their more subdued bath time treats, too. Sometimes it's more about a product's benefits to your mind and body than how pretty it makes your bath water. And when the hectic holidays hit, penciling in a few much needed pampering sessions are all the more important.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Lancome Juicy Tubes | Berry Bold - Review + Swatch

Lancome Juicy Tubes | Berry Bold, $18.00
If you were a girl growing up in the 2000s, there was no lip gloss more coveted than the super chic and girly Lancome Juicy Tubes. I spent many a viewing of Mean Girls secretly jealous of Gretchen Wieners's Juicy Tubes lacquered lips, wishing I had some of that Toaster Strudel money to purchase my very own collection of that much wished for gloss. So when I became a big girl with money of my own and started dabbling in high end makeup for the first time, Lancome Juicy Tubes were top of my want list. And after finally giving them a whirl, I can happily confirm that they are just as amazing as my teenage self hoped they'd be.


Monday, September 14, 2015

NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray - Review

NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray, $8.00
After spending your time carefully applying a face full of slap, the last thing you want to happen is for your makeup to go sliding off before your lunch break. Primers are a great base for giving your beauty products longevity, but if you really want your makeup to go the distance then a setting spray is going to be your best friend. After all, doesn't your nail polish last longest with both a base coat AND a top coat to seal things off? Thinking of your setting spray as the top coat to your makeup just makes sense.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss | Quick Kiss - Review + Swatch


Mirenesse Glossy Kiss | Quick Kiss, $22.00
When it comes to makeup, I love it so much that I'll take it where I can get it and try practically anything. So when my mother offered me a lipstick pencil from a brand I'd never heard of, I gladly took it off her hands. One of her co-workers had gotten it in her Birchbox and wasn't a fan of the color, so she plied it onto my mom hoping someone could get some use from it. A curious swatch had my mother deciding that red-orange wasn't her color either, and so onwards to me it came, finally finding a home in my makeup drawers.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - Review



Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $9.99
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of eyeshadow palettes. Anything above a quad sends me into an absolute panic as I'm not the best at pairing random shades together. Because of this I often end up wearing tragically mismatched eye looks with colors in all the wrong places. However, I've recently been getting into nude looks, and not wanting to buy a bunch of individual shadows (oh, the anxiety!) I decided to take the plunge and nab a palette to save myself a bit of time and trouble. Not quite ready to fork over the green for an Urban Decay Naked palette, I popped into the drugstore in the hopes of finding a budget alternative.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover - Review

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, $7.00-$14.00
There is nothing more annoying in my night time cleanse routine than an eye makeup remover that can't get the job done. When I'm tired and all I want to do is crawl into my nice, comfy bed, the last thing I want is to spend ten minutes scrubbing at the mascara on my eyes trying to force it off my face. Instead, I want a kick ass remover that can take off even the most stubborn of liners and mascaras in a few swipes flat. I don't think that's too much to ask, right?


Friday, March 27, 2015

NYX Round Lipstick | Castle - Review + Swatch

NYX Round Lipstick in Castle, $4.00
One of the things I love most about the warmer months is that it's the perfect time to pull out all of your wildest and wackiest lip colors. Whether it's brighter hues of your favorite shades, or a rainbow of greens and blues, when the heat goes up it's like a license to really experiment with your makeup. And if you are the type of person who loves to try all the new trends on a budget, there's no better brand to go to than NYX Cosmetics.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Yankee Candle | Bunny Cake - Review

Yankee Candle | Bunny Cake, $27.99
As a hoarder of candles, I can never pass up the opportunity to have a little browse and sniff at Yankee Candle. Especially during sales and holidays. So when last year's summer semi-annual sale rolled around, I went a little mad, as you do, and stocked up on loads of gorgeous scents. With it's adorable sticker on the front, Bunny Cake jumped out at me from the go, but it was the lovely smell that made this scrummy beauty a must purchase!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Revlon ColorStay Foundation - Review

Revlon ColorStay Foundation, $12.99
When it comes to skin, we've all got our own unique combination of tones, textures, and problems that can make purchasing foundation an absolute nightmare. There are so many different bases on the market these days from high street to high end that getting the right one on the first try is damn near impossible. I've been wearing makeup for nearly 18 years now, and I'm still on the search for that perfect foundation that ticks all the right boxes. But for the first time in nearly two decades, I've come as close to perfection as I've ever been.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish | Wintermint - Review + Swatch


Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish | Wintermint, $5.29
When it comes to mint hued nail polishes, do you ever wish they'd smell minty fresh, too? If that thought has crossed through more heads than just mine, then you'll be thrilled to know that your dreams have come true. Blending a mint green polish with a hint of sweet peppermint, Revlon has expertly created the perfect varnish for candy cane lovers everywhere.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - Review

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, $13.99
After spending our precious time expertly applying our makeup, the last thing we want is for it to start melting off our faces before lunchtime. Trust me when I say that attempting to play off the damage as a new, grungy trend won't be able to save you from the embarrassment. So in order to keep our products right where we've placed them, we have to give them the proper foundation with a good makeup primer. However, not all primers are created equal, and sometimes it takes several "first dates" with different makeup primers to find "the one". Today, we'll be seeing if this primer offering from Revlon is a perfect match or one to swipe left on.


Monday, March 9, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Bubble Bar | Bubblegrub - Review


LUSH Cosmetics Bubble Bar | Bubblegrub, $7.95
Hello, beauties! Is there anything better than a long, hot soak in the bath? After a stressed filled day, piles of fluffy bubbles just seem to have a way of melting away all of our troubles. And when it comes to bath time, no one does it better than LUSH. Today we'll be taking a look at one of their new bubble bars that is sure to help you relax as we head full tilt into our longest days of the year.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Trooper - Review

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Trooper, $19.00
Hello, beauties! If there is one product I hear people complaining about the most, it's eyeliner. Much like Goldilocks, we're all trying to find that one eyeliner that is just right instead of being too smudgy, too hard to work with, or not being jet black enough. With so many different liners on the market, it can be a long slog to find just one that can live up to our high standards. As much fun as it is to test out all that the drugstore and Sephora have to offer, our bank balances don't always allow for such commitment-phobia. However, with today's product, your liquid liner search might just be over. Hallelu!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter | Strawberry Shortcake - Review + Swatch

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter | Strawberry Shortcake, $7.49
Hello, beauties! While neutrals can be fuss-free, and bright shades can really make a look pop, sometimes we want nothing more than a girly, pink pout to make us feel fun and youthful. And as we head into the warmest, brightest months, a gorgeous pastel should be a staple in every makeup bag. Today we'll be taking a look at one such lippy that is sure to be reached for often.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Birchbox | February 2015 - Review


Birchbox, $10/month
Hello, beauties! When you think about February, the first thing that comes to most people's mind is that little love filled holiday that can cause as much anxiety as it does excitement. But what about the other relationships in our lives? Don't they deserve a little love, too? Birchbox recognizes that some of our most loving relationships come from our nearest and dearest babes, and have honored the bonds of sisterhood with a Friendship themed box featuring loads of samples perfect for pamper night with your girls. Let's have a look!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish | Powder Puff - Review + Swatch


Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish | Powder Puff, $5.99
Hello, beauties! Stepping into spring means embracing lovely, seasonal pastels. These delicate hues are a welcome respite from the deep tones of winter and the coming bright pops of summer. Feminine and always on trend, pastels grace everything from our hair to our accessories like a magical mermaid dream as the days get longer and warmer. Today, we'll be taking a look at a gorgeous polish perfect for freshening up our tips and toes this spring.


Friday, February 20, 2015

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation - Review

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation, $12.95
Hello, beauties! When it comes to our foundations, we want nothing but the very best. We expect our bases to be youthful and dewy, but still matte enough to control oil. We want them to blend to perfection, be light, yet buildable, to cover and conceal without looking like a mask, to not look cakey or patchy, and color match to our individual skin tone, you dig? With all these stringent must-haves, it's a wonder anyone finds their holy grail foundation, but that doesn't keep us from all the fun we have trying! Today, we'll be taking a look at a drugstore bargain and see how it stands up to our tests.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter | Crème Brulée - Review + Swatch

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter | Crème Brulée, $7.49
Hello, beauties! I don't know about y'all, but I'm a vibrant lipstick junkie. There is nothing like a statement lip to really make me feel put together. However, bold lip products require quite a bit of upkeep, and I'll be real with you, some days I just don't have time for all that! Instead, I want a simple lip that's easy enough to slap on in the car without a mirror or the need to clean up. Today, we'll be looking at one of my fave fuss-free lippies that should be in every girl's makeup go bag!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Julep Nail Polish | Fifi - Review + Swatch


Julep Nail Polish in Fifi, $14.00
Hello, beauties! As much fun as it is to wear bright colors on our tips and toes, sometimes there is nothing more lovely than a muted, demure shade. A gorgeous nude or soft pink can make our hands look more polished and make us feel more pulled together. Or perhaps our work environment calls for our nails to look a little more Grace Kelly and a little less Katy Perry. Today we'll be taking a peek at a delicate pink polish perfect for any occasion or dress code.


Monday, February 9, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, $21.95-$35.95
Hello, beauties! Dry skin is a common issue that many of us suffer from. Whether it's dry patches on our face, parched knees and elbows, or all over tightness from hard water and the elements, we've all probably dealt with the dreaded flake-age at one point or another. A good scrub is usually a first line of defense against having flaky bits, and today I'm bringing you an all-natural one that's ready to whip your skin into shape!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor and Shave Gel - Review

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor*, $9.99, and Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel*, $3.99
Hello, beauties! It may be winter now, but warmer weather will be upon us sooner than we know. That means we'll be trading in our skinny jeans and leggings for sundresses and our shortest shorts, and sussing out our shaving routine to get our sleekest gams yet. So when I was approached by BzzAgent on behalf of Gillette to trial their newest razor and shave gel, I jumped at the chance to put today's duo to the test on my sadly neglected pins. If your shaving routine is in need of a revamp, read on!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant | Fresh Energy - Review

Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant | Fresh Energy*, $6.49
Hello, beauties! With such hectic lives, it can be hard to feel fresh all day. Between work and play, it's easy to work up a sweat. As an on-the-go woman myself, when Influenster gave me the chance to test out a new product from Degree meant to help keep us dry under pressure, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. If you find that more is glistening than your well-placed highlight powder, then it's time to ditch the ick and #TryDry!


Friday, January 30, 2015

L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream - Review

L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream, $29.99
Hello, beauties! It's no secret that Korean skincare and makeup has taken the beauty scene completely by storm. Korea has become the place for cutting edge lotions, potions, and cover ups, and with more and more brands breaking into the US market, most women have at least one of these new staples in their stashes. Today, I'm bringing you a look at a popular Korean CC cream and giving you the inside scoop on whether it's hot or not!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Birchbox | January 2015 - Review


Birchbox, $10/month
Hello, beauties! It's January, which means the start of a new year for our coveted beauty box subscriptions. It's a new chance for our boxes to wow us with exciting releases, exclusive products, and rediscovered favorites that will have us feeling primped and pampered all year long. This month's theme for Birchbox is Let's Do This, and features items set to get us in gear and start 2015 off right. Let's see if this month's box has us off to the races or backfiring at the starting line!


Friday, January 23, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Dream Cream Body Lotion - Review


LUSH Cosmetics Dream Cream Body Lotion, $26.95
Hello, beauties! Is winter weather doing a number on your skin? Or perhaps you have such sensitive skin that no moisturizer seems to be gentle enough and still get the job done. If dry, itchy skin is getting you down and you're at wit's end, then today's product from LUSH Cosmetics may be just the ticket to getting your irritable outer layer back on track!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Acne Scrub - Review

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Acne Scrub, $8.99
Hello, beauties! For many of us, hitting our twenties means aging out of the dreaded teenage acne. However, for others of us, our acne only doubles down as we get older. The good news is not all hope is lost! These days there are loads of over the counter treatments to help us keep those pesky spots at bay and our skin clear. Today, we'll be taking a look at a face scrub from Clearasil that claims to have our skin looking better in 12 hours flat!


Friday, January 16, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics R&B Hair Moisturizer - Review


LUSH Cosmetics R&B Hair Moisturizer, $22.95
Hello, beauties! Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on our hair, and with this winter trending towards one of the coldest in recent memory, our tresses could benefit from a little extra TLC. Whether you're fighting the frizzies or adding back some much needed moisture stripped away by the brutal wind, sometimes a hair treatment becomes a necessary expense. Today, we'll be taking a look at one such treatment from LUSH, and seeing whether it's worth its pretty pennies!


Monday, January 12, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Shower Gel | The Olive Branch - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Shower Gel | The Olive Branch, $9.95-$28.95
Hello, beauties! I don't know about y'all, but when winter is as frigid as this one has been, I love nothing more than retreating into the steamy goodness of a hot shower or bath. Nothing warms the bones faster than indulging in a relaxing soak filled with nourishing treats. Today, I'm bringing you a review of one such shower gel that has helped keep away the frost and kept my skin in top form.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Acure Organics Day Cream - Review

Acure Organics Day Cream, $18.99
Hello, beauties! When it comes to skincare, finding the right regimen can be a never ending experience. With so many products to choose from, each for varying types of skin, each treating a plethora of different issues, stepping down the skincare aisle can feel downright exhausting. So it's always a lucky find when you come across a product that can pull double duty and pare your routine to the essentials. Today, we'll be looking at a moisturizer that ticks all the right boxes making it a surefire hit on your bathroom counter!

The Acure Organics Day Cream is a lightweight moisturizer chock full of skin renewing goodies like acai berry, argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin e. It's also vegan and free of harmful chemicals which means it's good for your skin, as well as the earth. But the real stars of this cream are the gotu kola stem cells, which firm and tone the skin, and help protect you from free radicals and other daily elements, and the 1% chlorella growth factor which supports collagen and elastin fibers, a must for knocking back signs of aging. It also has a light, pleasant, citrus scent sure to invigorate the senses every time you apply it.

I received the Acure Organics Day Cream in one of my Birchboxes last year, and from the first trial I knew I'd found something special. I have combination skin, so I need something that will moisturize my dry patches without causing my oilier bits to overact. This cream was lightweight enough to apply all over my face without upsetting my oily areas, but was buildable to fully nourish any dryness. While I do use it during the day, I've found it works best as a night cream for me as my skin tends to over-oil while I sleep. It also sinks right in, and my skin looks more vibrant and awake when wearing this, which is also a tick in the plus column!

If you're looking for a moisturizer that nourishes and renews, and is great for both day and night if you have tricky skin, I'd definitely recommend giving this cream a look. I've seen Acure Organics popping up in Target recently, so it should be fairly easy to find if you don't want to wait for online shipping. I'd call this a win!

Have you tried the Acure Organics Day Cream? What is your go to moisturizer for combination skin?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!

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