Friday, January 30, 2015

L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream - Review

L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream, $29.99
Hello, beauties! It's no secret that Korean skincare and makeup has taken the beauty scene completely by storm. Korea has become the place for cutting edge lotions, potions, and cover ups, and with more and more brands breaking into the US market, most women have at least one of these new staples in their stashes. Today, I'm bringing you a look at a popular Korean CC cream and giving you the inside scoop on whether it's hot or not!

The L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream is a color correcting base meant to help even skin tone, soothe irritation, moisturize, prime for products, and provide light coverage. It's also got SPF 20 to protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays. This CC cream also employs a water droplet effect to make sure your skin is plumped and nourished from the moment you apply it. On paper, it sounds like a dual skincare and makeup wonder product.

I received this CC cream from Daphne of Subgenre of a Dream during a box swap we did awhile back. She'd had good results with it, as well as her other friends and bloggers she'd gotten to try it, so I was quite excited to give it a little test. I hate to be "that girl" (sorry, Daph!), but this product just didn't wow me. I have very pale skin, and while this is fairer than a lot of BB and CC creams you can get here in the US, it was still too yellow for my skin. I also found that it gave very little coverage, and as someone with a lot of redness and acne scars, that means I either have to use it under another base or with loads of concealer slathered on top. It was quite moisturizing, and the watery gel consistency was unique, but it's not enough of a perk for me to consider repurchasing.

In the end, I think that if you are looking for a moisturizing, tinted base to wear under your foundation, or are wanting the lightest of coverage for days when you are just lounging around the house, this could very well be the product you're looking for. Especially if you're wanting to get into Korean brands. If you've got fantastic skin and just need a little something to pop to the shops or to wear to school, this is absolutely a great product. However, if you are in need of more coverage, or have a cooler, fair skin tone, save your money and nab a Dr. Jart+ BB cream instead.

Have you tried the L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream? What is your favorite Korean BB or CC cream?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!


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