Monday, January 5, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Soap | Mangnificent - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Soap | Mangnificent, $6.95
Hello, beauties! Now that the holidays are well and truly behind us, many of us are starting to look forward to the warmer months. We long for sunny days, fruity drinks, and all the things that make us feel alive and refreshed after too many dreary winter weeks. However, you don't have to wait until summer to work some revitalizing bits into your routine. Today's bath offering will have you energized in no time!

LUSH Cosmetics' Mangnificent soap is a citrusy blend of fresh pureed mango, lemon oil, and sicilian mandarin oil, sure to awaken your mind and body with every wash. One whiff will have you dreaming of cocktails by the pool, gentle summer breezes blowing through your hair. With lemon oil as a natural astringent and fresh mango to tone, you'll have your skin whipped into top warm weather form long before you ever need break out your tanks and tees.

Mangnificent always leaves my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. And like most other LUSH products, it's gentle enough for my sensitive outer layer. As this soap isn't very moisturizing, I'd definitely recommend Mangnificent for those with oilier skin, else you'll need to use a good body lotion after your bath. As for the scent, I'm not typically a citrus person, but this soap smells good enough to eat. And the fragrance is neutral enough that even my husband gives this a go when he hops in the shower. It's one of the few products we share!

If you are into citrusy scents, and you love your products to be natural and free of naughty chemicals (this one is vegan), then I'd definitely recommend giving LUSH's Mangnificent soap a go. Tropical paradise, party of you!

Have you tried LUSH's Mangnificent soap? What are your favorite energizing bathtime products?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!



  1. As I was reading the fragrance breakdown I felt like I could smell the summer on the horizon. I love Lush.

  2. I love a luxury bar of soap. I can imagine how beautiful this smells.


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