Monday, February 2, 2015

Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant | Fresh Energy - Review

Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant | Fresh Energy*, $6.49
Hello, beauties! With such hectic lives, it can be hard to feel fresh all day. Between work and play, it's easy to work up a sweat. As an on-the-go woman myself, when Influenster gave me the chance to test out a new product from Degree meant to help keep us dry under pressure, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. If you find that more is glistening than your well-placed highlight powder, then it's time to ditch the ick and #TryDry!

The Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an aerosol deodorant that claims to last for 48 hours, keeping your underarms fresh and dry through all types of activity. And with it's patented Motionsense technology, your Degree Dry Spray Antiperspirant reactivates every time you move for all day protection. Plus, it goes on dry and clear meaning no gross white residue on our favorite threads. It also comes in multiple scents, so there is something for every woman. Fresh Energy has notes of lily of the valley and tiare flower, perfect for bright floral lovers!

After giving it a proper test, I have to say that I really like the Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It goes on instantly dry, just as advertised, and it keeps you smelling fresh as a rose all day. I also appreciate that one bottle will last you at least two months, meaning you get to keep more money in your pocket. And it is really nice to not worry about ruining your outfit with with white streaks everywhere. I think that the 48 hour protection claim is a bit overblown, but that's mostly because I don't know many people that don't do some general washing up every day.

If you're finding that your current antiperspirant just isn't cutting it, I'd definitely recommend giving the Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant a try. Your underarms and your wardrobe will thank you!

Have you tried the Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant? How do you stay fresh on the go?

Stay gorgeous, peaches!

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