Friday, March 20, 2015

Revlon ColorStay Foundation - Review

Revlon ColorStay Foundation, $12.99
When it comes to skin, we've all got our own unique combination of tones, textures, and problems that can make purchasing foundation an absolute nightmare. There are so many different bases on the market these days from high street to high end that getting the right one on the first try is damn near impossible. I've been wearing makeup for nearly 18 years now, and I'm still on the search for that perfect foundation that ticks all the right boxes. But for the first time in nearly two decades, I've come as close to perfection as I've ever been.

As a pasty pale lady with combination, acne-prone skin and harder to cover scars, my foundation journey has been comprised of mostly wrong purchases. However, as I delved further into the beauty world, one foundation began to crop up on nearly every blogger's radar. Mentioned in reverent tones was the Revlon ColorStay Foundation. Touting two formulas with twenty shades a piece, medium to full coverage, and 24 hour wear, all at a budget price, it sounded like a drugstore dream. But luckily it's very much reality...mostly.

Within their twenty shades there is a foundation as close to my paper white skin tone as I've come across at the drugstore (110 Ivory). Still not quite light enough to capture my resemblance to Casper, but it has definitely worked in a pinch. I'd also say that it's firmly a medium coverage base, but not completely full as my imperfections do still show through. However, if your skin is fairly flawless or only has minor spots to hide, this will essentially be full coverage for you. But this foundation really shines in its wearability. Not only does it stay put with minimal need for powder and touchups, but it doesn't get oily or cling to dry patches. Now that's a real miracle!

If you're looking for a budget, medium coverage foundation for all day wear or special occasions, this is one of the best on the market. I can fully see why so many people rave over it, and I expect it will be a staple in my makeup collection for the foreseeable future. And while it isn't my perfect, Holy Grail foundation, at least I can say that I'm finally making a step in the right direction (and looking slightly less orange than before).

Have you tried the Revlon ColorStay Foundation? What is your favorite drugstore foundation?



  1. Thanks for sharing this review. Your skin sounds just like mine so I'm going to be trying this Revlon foundation soon!

    Check out my latest post <3

  2. I love this one too! I wear the next shade up, 150 Buff, because Ivory looked orange on me for some reason. Great review!

  3. I also tried and think it is a decent product for a drugstore product. The only problem for me is that it clog my pores.


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