Friday, September 11, 2015

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss | Quick Kiss - Review + Swatch


Mirenesse Glossy Kiss | Quick Kiss, $22.00
When it comes to makeup, I love it so much that I'll take it where I can get it and try practically anything. So when my mother offered me a lipstick pencil from a brand I'd never heard of, I gladly took it off her hands. One of her co-workers had gotten it in her Birchbox and wasn't a fan of the color, so she plied it onto my mom hoping someone could get some use from it. A curious swatch had my mother deciding that red-orange wasn't her color either, and so onwards to me it came, finally finding a home in my makeup drawers.

Hailing from Australia, Mirenesse's Glossy Kiss in Quick Kiss is a gorgeous, red-leaning orange lippy perfect for these scorching summer months. Coming in a pencil form, it's easy to apply on the go and slim enough to keep in the smallest of bags. Going on creamy with a touch of sheen, Quick Kiss eventually dries down into a soft matte that looks playful without settling into lines or accentuating any pesky dry patches on the lips. If you're looking for a lovely, wearable red-orange that lies between MAC's Morange and MAC's Lady Danger, Mirenesse's Glossy Kiss in Quick Kiss will be right up your street.

I absolutely love this shade and think it looks absolutely amazing against my alabaster skin. It gives just the right amount of pop without looking garish like oranges can do. I also really like having a pencil formula as it makes precise application a breeze (Note: Mine is in the old packaging that required sharpening. The current packaging is twist up.). It's also fantastically pigmented and fairly true to the bullet, so there is no disappointment from the color not being as advertised.

However, on the downside, I don't find this product to be particularly glossy. At least not in the same way that a lacquer balm can be. I also find that after several hours it can get a bit uncomfortable and drying on the lips which is a huge turn off for me when it comes to lip products. Plus, it doesn't last very long and wears off quite easily which is a bit concerning considering the fact that it's advertised as a long-wearing product that can double as a cheek stain. Definitely not one to choose for a long day out unless you're able to touch it up every couple of hours.

Because I'm a sucker for a stunning lippy, I can overlook Quick Kiss's downsides. Okay, so it might have to be a special occasion color or worn for only a few hours at a time, but it's well worth it for such a perfect orange beauty such as this. Sometimes you just have to make the sacrifice (and then slap on your best balm afterwards to recover!).

Have you tried Mirenesse's Glossy Kiss lipstick pencils? What is your favorite wearable orange lip product?



  1. Replies
    1. It really does suck as it is such a beautiful lipstick. It's not so bad for short-term wear, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it as an all day color. But this feels like a pretty dupable shade, so perhaps not all is lost! xx


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