Monday, November 16, 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Bath Bomb | Butterbear - Review

LUSH Cosmetics Bath Bomb | Butterbear, $4.95
When the temperature starts taking a turn for the colder, one of my favorite things to indulge in is a nice, hot bath. There's just something sacred about the ritual of crafting the perfect soak, and no one provides the ingredients better than LUSH. And while I do love their bath bombs that supply a heaping dose of sparkle and fizz, I have quite a soft spot for their more subdued bath time treats, too. Sometimes it's more about a product's benefits to your mind and body than how pretty it makes your bath water. And when the hectic holidays hit, penciling in a few much needed pampering sessions are all the more important.

A spin off of year round best-seller, Butterball, Butterbear is LUSH's most adorable holiday treat. Packed with fair trade organic shea butter to soothe winter-worn skin, restorative ylang-ylang to invigorate the senses, and delicious vanilla to warm the soul, Butterbear is the ultimate bath buddy. When the harsh winter elements are taking their toll on my sensitive outer layer, this little baby is my secret weapon to keeping my skin soft and balanced. Butterbear's chunks of shea butter melt in the steaming water turning your bath into a super emollient treatment. Flaky bits and itchy skin, be gone!

The holidays are full of glitz and glamour, but sometimes we just need to slow things down and look after ourselves for a moment. Those times are when Butterbear has our backs (and everything else!). Just one soak with your new best friend will mend both body and soul leaving you ready to take on the next party on your packed holiday schedule. And in these stress-filled days, we couldn't ask Santa for anything better. Happy holidays, indeed!

Have you tried LUSH's Butterbear Bath Bomb? What is your favorite way to unwind during the holidays?



  1. I'm so stressed out lately so I think this is something I definitely need to invest in. It sounds lovely : )

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. This is definitely a great bath bomb for de-stressing! It's so relaxing. You should absolutely pick one (or three) up next time you're at LUSH. xx

  2. Oh, how I wish I had a bathtub! Butterbear is really the cutest thing in Lush around this time of year and I never had the pleasure of putting this in my bath. It smells delicious too! I might have to bribe a friend to let me use their bath.

    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. This is definitely one of those times to bribe a friend to use their bathtub! Maybe nab one for your friend to use, too. I'd let someone use my bath if they did that. How could you say no to someone offering you a lovely Butterbear bath bomb? xx


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