Friday, January 8, 2016

Antica Farmacista Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser - Review

Antica Farmacista Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser, $26.00-$94.00

Disclaimer: This post contains products sent to me by a brand or PR company in exchange for a review. However, all words and opinions are my own, as always.

Typically when you think of winter-esque scents, floral fragrances aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Winter scenes usually conjure up visions of sparkling snow, crackling fireplaces, warm kitchen spices, and delectable baked goods rising in the oven. And while I burn many a candle and melt many a wax that fills my home with the scent of a snowy day or a quiet bakery, I find that there is no fragrance more beautiful than that of winter roses. So when Antica Farmacista tapped me to fill my own home with the stylings of their Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser, I couldn't allow this chance to indulge in one of my flowery vices to pass me by.

The Antica Farmacista Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser is a gorgeously heady floral scent perfect for the eternal romantic. Fresh and complex, notes of damascus rose, violet, tuscan orris root, rhubarb, apricot, oud and amber are blended expertly to create a uniquely sensuous scent-scape. Each glass vial is packaged with a set of white birch reeds and is adorned by a lovely satin ribbon which adds an extra touch of detail, making it sure to fit in with any decor style. Ranging in sizes from 100ml to 500ml, there is a bottle fitting for every room in your home. Product longevity comes down to a variety of factors such as humidity, temperature, and how often you reverse the reeds, but I've found that even my small diffuser has lasted me at least a month without a discernible change to the scent or its strength.

Antica Farmacista's Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser has a surprisingly large throw in comparison to many other similarly priced diffusers on the market. Even using a smaller sized bottle, the scent subtly fills my spacious living room giving off the illusion of a couple of well-placed bouquets of flowers. Of course, the scent will be stronger in smaller spaces compared to larger ones. I've now moved this diffuser to my guest bathroom to add a little ambience to a commonly overlooked area, and the scent is almost overpowering, but in the best of ways as I can't get enough of this stunning fragrance. It's even gotten the seal of approval from my notoriously picky husband, and that can only be considered a plus.

If you're like me and you love floral fragrances, but you can't bear the thought of constantly spending money on fresh flowers that will wilt within days, then Antica Farmacista's Damascena Rose, Orris and Oud Diffuser is the answer to your prayers. Or if you enjoy adding a touch of luxury to your home by creating an inviting atmosphere through layers of intriguing scent, you can't go wrong with the fantastic creations from Antica Farmacista.

Have you tried any of the luxury reed diffusers from Antica Farmacista? Do you love floral fragrances year round or only in the spring?


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  1. I love diffusers and would definitely love to give this one a go! Great reivew <3


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