Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2016 Resolutions


Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2016! I hope that 2015 treated each of you kindly and that you're ready to jump into 2016 with arms wide open. One of my favorite things about the start of a shiny, new year is that it gives each of us a chance to wipe the slate clean, and it truly feels like anything is possible. Cheesy, but true. Now, I know that some people feel that resolutions are a waste of time and a little obnoxious, but I enjoy having a small list of goals to help point my inner compass for the year. 2015 saw me propelled forward in so many aspects of my life, and I'm hoping to keep the momentum going in 2016 for a fantastic year. So here are the resolutions I want to work towards personally, health-wise, financially, and blog-wise this year.


1. Read more books. We'll start off with an easy one. I love reading, but last year I hardly read any new books. Other things took priority, and I didn't really find the time to indulge like I usually do. This year, I want to get through the growing stack of books I have on my bookshelf and get back to enjoying the written word.

2. Take a trip. Between personal health issues, sick pets, and buying a house, my husband and I haven't had the finances to go on vacation since our honeymoon in March of 2012. This needs to be rectified as we're both sorely in need of a little R&R. Even if it's only for a weekend away, I'm hoping that 2016 will be the year we can finally take a much needed getaway.

3. Get regular haircuts. I am the world's worst about keeping my hair trimmed and looking fresh. Before my most recent hairstyle change up, I'd gone two years without a cut. That's absolutely ridiculous! I touched up my hair color at home, but I let my locks grow and grow until I couldn't stand it anymore. Now that I've got a short, shaggy, ombre lob, I can't imagine going back to super long hair. So this year, I'm keeping my hairdresser on speed dial!


1. Lose weight and eat healthier. Okay, so I know this is a New Year's resolution staple, but I don't have this on the list out of vanity. I've gained quite a bit of weight in the past two years, and I've seen a massive decline in my health. I'm more tired, my body aches constantly, I've developed sleep apnea, heartburn, and palpitations. My hormones are out of whack, my cycles more painful, and I'm just generally a mess. Losing weight, even 20 pounds, will hopefully help relieve a few of these issues and make me feel less like an 80-year-old all the time. I'd also like to overhaul my diet. Basically, less fast food and soda, more fresh fruits, veggies, and water. My body as a whole deserves better than how I've been treating it, and I'm hoping to get things under more control in 2016.

2. Get all of my annual doctor and dental appointments. All of the health issues I've had over the past few years has left me really wary of doctors in general due to some bad experiences. This has meant I've not gotten nearly as many checkups as I should have. However, after a great recommendation from my mom, I've finally found a nurse practitioner that I adore. So this year I resolve to get back on track and take advantage of all the checkups and testing my new doctor's office has to offer.

3. Self-care and be kind to myself. If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I struggle with depression and anxiety. And I'll admit, I don't make things any easier on myself. I put way too much pressure on myself to be everything to everyone that I tend to put myself last. I'm also my own biggest critic. I put myself down way more than I build myself up. This leads to a near constant state of anxiety and unhappiness. However, this year I want to focus on treating myself kindly and being my own best friend. I want to allow myself room to breathe, and put more effort into self-care in attempt to stave off some of the lows and panic attacks. Besides, does a girl really need a reason for more pamper sessions and PJ days?


1. Pay off some debt. Due to a variety of health issues over the past two years, I've accrued a bit more debt than I'd like. Add that to student loan payments, and you have a great recipe for being stretched thin. In 2016, I'd like to get a small debt or two paid off to free up some extra cash to put towards our bigger debts so that we can hopefully be mostly debt-free before we hit 40. I can dream, right?

2. Save money every month. Typically, I'm pretty good at setting aside a little money each month to be socked away into savings, but there have been a few months lately where we've had to spend down to our last dollar. This year, I want to make a more concerted effort to really save some money each and every month. Even if it's only $20, something is better than nothing.


1. Be consistent. When I first started this blog, I was on fire. A week never went by without a couple of posts, and I always had something to write about. But in the last year and a half, my posting schedule has been sporadic at best. Sometimes I'll go a few weeks with new posts, and then I'll go for several months and not write a word. In 2016, I want to get back to a more regular posting schedule and more varied, excited blog content. Two posts a week is my goal, and then I'll reassess in a couple of months to see if I want to add in a third weekly post.

2. Increase traffic and engagement. Because I've not been consistent with posting, I've not been consistent with social media and investing in other bloggers. Over time this has meant a sharp decline in my traffic and engagement. This year I want to get back on the horse and get my numbers back to where they used to be and grow things from there. I miss interacting with all of my readers and blogger friends!

3. Build social media. Along with my blog, I've been horribly inconsistent on social media, too. Mostly because I have no idea how to best utilize each social media platform I'm a part of, nor do I always feel like I have anything interesting to post. I'm hoping that this year I can finally get a social media calendar together that makes posting easy and stress-free. And maybe I'll not seem totally boring and can gain a few new followers along the way!

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Do you think it's great to have yearly goals or do you find resolutions to be overrated? Share your goals in the comments and let's cheer each other on!



  1. Totally agree with all of this! I need to start actually having haircuts I do my own cutting and dying, and oh man hahah! Exercise is a biggy too, why is it so hard to stick to! xxx


    1. You cut your own hair? You're my hero! I wish I could do that and give myself all of the trims ever. And exercise is hard! It's just so much effort. Why did the universe make exercise so boring and sweaty? Haha! xx

  2. These are great resolutions. I hate making resolutions for myself because I never ever stick them!

    alexis @ thelittlebrunette

    1. To be totally honest, I have a hard time sticking to resolutions, too. I still make them in hopes that this year will finally be the year I get them done. Haha! xx

  3. Excellent resolutions. Many of these are also on my list for 2016. I've let myself get out of whack physically and I am definitely paying for it. Good luck with the new year!

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed that both of us can get ourselves back on track and where we want to be. You got this! xx

  4. Wow girl, you are on point. This is inspiring. I'm totally with you on the vacation one. I didn't think about that before but I really do need one. It's nice to give your mind, body and soul a break. Come back refreshed. Being consistent with my blog was my goal last year. Just 2x per week. I upped that to 3x per week this year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You never think of how important a vacation is until you haven't had one and years and are at your breaking point. Definitely try and make the time to have one this year. You deserve to be treated and pampered! Also, congrats on making your goal last year and being able to bump it up this year! Any tips on staying consistent? xx

  5. You have quite an amazing list of resolutions and majority I can resonate with. Good luck with your new year and I'm certain you'll reach all of these goals because I'm rooting for you xo

  6. These are great resolutions, I have quite a few of the same goals. Right now my biggest one is to read more.

    Molly and Stacie

  7. You have a great list of things to accomplish in 2016! My is to grow as pro beauty/lifestyle blogger, make smarter choices, and enjoy life a little more! :)



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