Monday, July 11, 2016

The Netflix Tag


I admit it. I'm obsessed with Netflix. There is not a day that goes by that I don't spend a little time browsing through the new titles, lazily adding interesting movies and series to my already over-stuffed queue. And I'm also no stranger to the Netflix binge. If I were to add up all the hours spent streaming season after season of over-dramatic teen shows or the countless indie horror movies I can't get enough of, I'd probably be more than a little horrified.

But life is too short for that kind of self-shaming, so instead I thought I'd celebrate one of my vices in the form of The Netflix Tag. If you're a fellow streaming obsessive, this is the post for you (and don't forget to pop on your fave Netflix show for proper background noise!).

1. What are your favorite series to watch on Netflix?

The better question is what shows don't I watch. Seriously, I have sampled a little of just about everything Netflix has to offer as it is a veritable buffet of boob tube goodness. But if I had to be a little ruthless and pare my favorites down, the top spot would absolutely go to Pretty Little Liars. I am a PLL-aholic. Sure, I watch the show religiously every Tuesday in the hopes of finally figuring out who in the hell the enigmatic A is once and for all, but in between episodes I can be found watching the series over and over and over again on Netflix. I really should just buy the seasons on DVD, but Netflix makes life so much easier (and my DVD shelves that little bit less cluttered).

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Lately, I've been bouncing around from show to show trying to find something to really dive into. It's rare that I only watch one series at a time. My attention span is the size of a gnat, so it takes a really great show to suck me in and convince me to watch it on its own. Right now, I'm watching a handful of different things while I try to find "the one": The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Scream, Badults, and my millionth rewatch of 90210 (so good, y'all!).

3. If you could have one series, old or new, put on Netflix, what would it be?

There are SO many shows that I wish Netflix would add to their catalog (get on the ball, Netflix!). But lately, I've been wishing that they would put up the old episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation. They have the rights to Degrassi now since they are producing the new episodes, so there is no reason why they can't add classics with Emma, Manny, Craig, Sean, Jimmy, Ashley, Paige... Whatever it takes, Netflix! Whatever it takes.

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix?

Oh, man. Netflix, I didn't want to say this, but your lack of give-a-damn towards my personal ratings really burns me up. You used to have a "not interested" button, which meant that I'd never have to see Barney and Friends again in my recommended shows. But you took that away and now force me to have to sort through everything from Caillou to Bridalplasty to get to the show I'm looking for. Not cool, Netflix.

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?

If I'm settling in for the evening with my dude, Criminal Minds is our usual go-to. In fact, one of my secret talents should be "can figure out the bad guy and motive on Criminal Minds before the opening credits". Seriously, I'm a pro which I feel would make me the perfect addition to the BAU. You should give me a call, Rossi. And nothing makes a Netflix night better than my favorite pizza from Papa Johns (pepperoni, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, banana peppers).

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.

I love international movies and tv shows, and I don't think they get near enough praise here in the US. I mean, we'd rather re-make the show for an American audience than expand people's horizons by just showing the better quality original. So when I make recommendations, I usually suggest movies and shows that people would otherwise skip because they think foreign equals pretentious.

With that being said, if you are a horror lover and are looking for a new scary movie to watch in the dark, The Babadook should be top of your list. It's an amazing film from Australia that explores loss, grief, and depression in a supernatural way. And if it's a new show you're hoping to get stuck into, ITV's The Bletchley Circle is the way to go. Crime, mystery, intrigue, feminism, and serial killers all set against a 1950s English backdrop. In one word: FANTASTIC!

7. Name a series on Netflix that you keep meaning to watch, but haven't.

When it comes to keeping up with the latest shows and trends, I am the absolute worst. I am always several years behind everyone else. I'd like to think that makes me slightly vintage, no? So, it is with a bit of embarrassment that I admit that I have not watched Orange Is the New Black or Making a Murderer. Okay, I have watched an episode or two, but I've definitely not sat down and given them a fair shake. One of these days, though!

So, if it isn't obvious enough, I'm totally addicted to Netflix. Settling in with a new show, or a movie (or ten), is the way I unwind after a long and trying day. And, let's be honest. There are worst things in the world that a girl could be addicted to!

Want to take The Netflix Tag? I tag all of you! Send me the link once you're done so I can nerd out with you over your favorite shows and movies. And leave your recommendations in the comments below!



  1. Despite owning the first season of PLL on DVD, I'm still only about three eps in. I keep meaning to watch more, but something always comes up. I've read about ten books in the series, though! :) I really miss the "not interested" button too! Now I have to scroll and scroll...and scroll. I haven't watched either of those either, but they are on "my list". I'll get to them one day! I just wish Netflix Canada was on par with Netflix US. :/

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

    1. You've got to catch up with PLL! The first few seasons are full of fantastic twists and turns, and a few scares, too. It does start to wane in later seasons, but by then you're so hooked you can't help but stick around. xx


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