Friday, January 20, 2017

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick | Myth - Review + Swatch

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MAC Lipstick in Myth, $17.00

A good nude lipstick is an absolute essential in any woman's makeup arsenal. However, loads of trial and error can be necessary for finding that perfect neutral hue. Between a seemingly endless array of brown nudes, pink nudes, berry nudes, and having to figure out what looks best for your individual skin tone, hunting down that holy grail nude shade can feel like an absolute nightmare.

If you're fair-skinned like I am, finding a nude that doesn't completely wash you out is like searching for a very beautiful needle inside of an almost invisible haystack. MAC is notorious for their extensive range of shades to suit every taste and skin tone, and Myth is highly considered as the perfect nude shade for alabaster babes. But is Myth really worth all of the hype?

MAC Cosmetics' Lipstick in Myth is described as a "light, neutral nude". Coming in a satin finish, Myth is highly pigmented and semi-matte. One swipe is enough to provide full coverage, and it lasts for several hours without a need to re-apply. Even through food and drink, Myth stays put with minimal need for a touch up. All very important features for a woman on the go who doesn't want to be fussed by her lip color.

Despite the hype, I find Myth to miss the mark in a few key areas which keeps it from becoming a true contender for the perfect pale nude. First, Myth suffers from "concealer mouth" syndrome. If you're looking for a lipstick to completely cancel out your natural lip color, Myth would be a clear winner. However, it's rare that I want my lips to blend into my paper-white skin as I don't typically do a load of mod looks or heavy smoky eyes.

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Second, Myth is quite drying on the lips. Typically MAC's biggest culprits for dryness are their matte and retro matte lipsticks. But despite being a satin, Myth always seems to suck the moisture out of my lips within a couple of hours no matter how much prep I do. Dry, uncomfortable lipsticks are near the top of my makeup peeves list, so this is a definite tick in the negatives column. And lastly, Myth settles into the fine lines of the lip, and wears off unevenly leaving patches and gunky buildup behind.

Honestly, when it comes to MAC lipsticks, it always feels hit or miss for me. Sure, they have every color and finish under the sun, but sometimes I just want that perfect shade, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Despite Myth being hailed as the HG nude for those with fair skin, I just can't buy into the hype. It washes me out way too much to be a go-to lippy, and honestly, it just doesn't look that great on.

If you're still interested in giving it a go, I'd definitely recommend trying it on in store before purchasing it to make sure it's really what you're looking for. But if you want to purchase a nude lipstick sight unseen, I'd give this one a pass. I'll be turning in my MAC lover's card now.

Do you own MAC's Myth lipstick? What is your Holy Grail nude lippy?


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